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Gary Shaw’s not buying what the new ProElite is selling


Boxing promoter/all-around scumbag Gary Shaw weighed in on the resurrected ProElite with the Fight Nerd and didn’t mince his words, calling T Jay Thompson and co. “jokes” and comparing the idea of competing with the UFC to taking on McDonald’s in the fast food market. Gary would know a few things about what happens when promotions take on Zuffa and fail (and about fast food, judging by his many chins), having been behind the original ProElite/EliteXC. You remember them, right? Built around Kimbo Slice, had this douchebag running stuff, imploded spectacularly amid allegations of fight tampering? Oh, and speaking of jokes, it appears Shaw is still involved with Kimbo Slice’s new career in boxing. Ha. Ha. Ha. 

  • iamphoenix

    i thought he died.

  • CAP

    Wait. What? Kimbo is boxing this weekend? I can only imagine the can they got lined up for him.

  • scissors61

    Apparently he’s fighting some can named James Wade (0-1) in Miami, Oklahoma. lulz 

  • CAP

    ^Is that one loss to Bo Cantrell? Kimbo probably still gasses in one round.

  • scissors61

    Looks like it was to some guy named Carlos Torres (2-0) 

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    If I wanted to hear a Shaw’s opinion on MMA I’d wrap my lips around a Remington 870.

  • Letibleu

  • G Funk

    ^ HA! nice

  • Amol

    What you’ve missed Lee is that you’re not srpiang the fighters from having to cut weight but rather restricting them from gaining any weight at all for the period leading up to a fight (Maybe as much as 10 weeks for a camp).How do you enforce your scheme, weekly weigh-ins? will inevitably lead to weekly weight cuts. Daily weigh-ins? So a fighter can’t have an off day and have a burger or it’d push him/her over the limit for the next day’s weigh-in. Random weigh-ins? So I can’t have a big lunch in case Keith Kizer shows up after and wants to weigh me? .Also what would be the punishment were a fighter to weigh in, say 10lbs over, 2 weeks out from the fight? Would you give them an hour to cut the weight and then dock their purse? Would the fight be scrapped? fought at catchweight even though the fighter’s more than capable of making the weight for fight day.Also, the main assumption I have a problem with is that weight cutting puts one fighter at a disadvantage. Both fighters have exactly the same opportunity to bulk up and cut weight so it’s entirely their choice to do so or not. If they choose not to cut much and be as sharp as possible then great, conversely, if they decide that being bigger would be a better strategy then that’s also their right. It’s a game of chess with tradeoffs to be made.I’m all for discouraging excessive weight cuts, and for more doctor’s intervention if they think a fighter has cut too much weight and isn’t medically fit to fight (Increased risk of concussion and the like). But that’s a separate argument.You have to remember that these fighters are world class athletes and are more than capable of recovering from a weight cut, if they’ve overdone the cut then it’s no one’s fault but their own. Let’s not even mention women fighters and their historical difficulties in making weight. All you’re doing is increasing the burden on the fighters who already have a difficult enough time preparing for a fight.

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