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Geico Caveman FTW

Tony DeSouza looks like he belongs on Bumfights Volume 5 rather than the UFC79 card.

  • Big D

    Thats Fucken Hilarious

  • turbofeber

    i wish they could send a smell’o’gram with them video feeds.

  • operator

    He might get the Guida treatment if it goes to the judges.

  • kentyman

    DeSouza by flint hand-axe.

  • UFCPreview

    But the 2 bearded warriors in the cage together:

    Tanner vs. DeSouza

    Winner gets a lifetime supply of Mickey’s 40s

  • kentyman

    “I’m just a caveman. I fell on some ice and later got thawed out by some of your scientists. Your malt liquor frightens and confuses me!”

  • Tommy

    Mr. FightLinker, I’m still waiting on some predictions or at least who you’d like to see win. Oh and for the record, I like Silva just not more then Chuck.

  • Tommy

    Jake hasn’t been contributing too much lately huh? Guess he’s kinda dull.

  • Higgz

    Tony “Suicide Bomber” DeSouza

  • Swedish guy

    tommy> I agree, I thought we wuz gonna getta fresh low blow with all teh predictionz and stuffz earlier this week, but I ain’t seen any of them predictions.

  • Swedish guy

    What’s that mma movie with Gene Hackman, Robin Williams and Tony DeSouza… yeah I know, Beardcage.