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Genki Sudo is back and even more slo mo dancing than before!

Our favorite MMA fighter turned interprative dance / music producer Genki Sudo is back with another video from his band WORLD ORDER. I judge the general health of Japan by the amount of slow motion dancing in sombreros I see on Youtube. So if you were wondering / worrying, Japan seems to be doing OK.

  • Komodo

    Hell yeah.

  • Elfenstein

    i love these quirky videos he makes – and the tunes are somewhat catchy – so whats not to like :)

  • CAP

    They really upped their game starting @ 3:20!

  • G Funk

    I felt that I was trippin in the end of the vid.

    They blended right in with the Messicans.

  • Letibleu


  • iamphoenix

    ^ exactly…I can tell from the pixels at 1:03 to 3:56

  • Letibleu

    Its part of Dell’s campaign to take over the world. They are behind occupy wall street.