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George Lucas talks about his daughter’s fight career


“I can’t say I’m enthusiastic about it but I support her in it. She got trounced but she got back up and she continues to do it.”

-George Lucas, the worst cheerleader in the world, on his daughter’s kickboxing career.

  • Jiujitsu365

    It may not be a career he imagined, but at least she has disciplined to compete in a sport and stay with it even if she doesn’t perform well.

    Some children with extremely rich parents never do apply themselves to anything, unless it’s negative….

  • Aryan

    and who’s he’s daughter?

  • Alex

    It’s ok, he’s going to do a special edition of the fight where she wins. It’s also got a five minute musical number in the middle

  • kentyman

    And Greedo kicked her first.