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Georges St Pierre is in Monstres Académie

Man, Georges St Pierre is getting all the plum roles lately. After news that he’ll be appearing in the new Captain America movie as ‘Batroc the Leaper’, we now learn he’s also appearing in the sequel to Monsters Inc:

georgesmonstresOkay, so it’s not the English version of the movie. It’s not even the French version. It’s the Quebecois version of the movie. Yes, that’s right. Quebeckers not only get their own version of Disney movies, they get celebrities in them too! I think I’ll go check out what the Newfoundland version is all aboot, aye.

  • agentsmith

    That character didn’t sound like GSP at all.

  • CAP

    I think that character could be entertaining with GSP’s choppy english and canadian accent.

  • Jeannie

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