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Georges St Pierre vs Nick Diaz may or may not be happening

Since UFC 129, the big speculation has been that Georges St Pierre’s next opponent will be Nick Diaz. Sure, there’s some hurdles to that fight … like the fact that Nick is a Strikeforce fighter and Showtime has some sort of shackle on him. But a hurdle is easier than the high jump that is Anderson Silva vs GSP, and who the hell else would Georges fight but one of those two guys? MMA Weekly is claiming the fight is practically a done deal:

Nick Diaz is likely to face St-Pierre for his next UFC welterweight title defense in 2011, with all signs pointing towards a December showdown in Montreal.

Sources have indicated to that a deal is imminent and the fight could be announced as early as next week. Like any potential deal, there is always the chance something could change at the 11th hour, but St-Pierre vs. Diaz is almost a certainty at this point.

Poor UFC. Every so often they pull a fast one over on us by announcing out of the blue that they bought Strikeforce or some pimp ass fighter insurance, but 99% of the time they don’t get to announce their own shit. Possibly hoping to save the media pop to help promote UFC 130, Dana White went on the Underground Forums to semi-deny the fight:

None of that ‘business as usual, Nick is a Strikeforce fighter’ stuff. Just the fact that Diaz hasn’t signed on the dotted line. Yet. Knowing Nick Diaz though, this is a legitimate concern. He could accidentally use half the contract for joint filters. He could be holding out for an unreasonable amount of money. He could still be unreasonably set on boxing. There’s really no end to the list of unreasonable reasons when it comes to Diaz. So I wouldn’t count our Strikeforce / UFC superfight before it hatches.

If that bums you out, here’s a more hopeful view of how things will shake up from Sportsnet’s best Dana White lookalike, Showdown Joe:

On average, a season of TUF lasts approximately 12-13 weeks. That would place the season finale on Dec. 3. The aforementioned rumoured date for UFC 140 is one week later

If history has shown us anything, it’s that the coaches on TUF will usually face one another, seven days from the show’s live finale, as part of the main event.

Now, of course, this is simply food for thought. It’s not to say it will happen or that it’s even under discussion. I simply sat back and said, “wait a second”, and did the math.

I have my doubts that the UFC would have agreements with guys like GSP and Diaz in their back pocket, but then again it would have been stupid of them to put all their eggs in one basket, especially the Chael Sonnen basket. Eugh, that’s the second egg expression in one post. Just to bring it up to three, guess who’s laying an egg over all this Diaz / GSP stuff:

Fitch, who for a long time has been considered the top contender to Georges St. Pierre’s UFC welterweight belt, made several Twitter comments about Diaz as he railed against the prospect of the Strikeforce champion being offered a fight against St. Pierre.

“Diaz got title cause Sheilds vacated the belt. Paper champ,” he posted – (erroneously, as it happens, because Shields vacated the Strikeforce middleweight belt while Diaz fought Marius Zaromskis for the inaugural welterweight title last year.)

He followed that with some more posts: “Let’s see Shields vs. Diaz for number one contender while I’m hurt” and then one at his American Kickboxing Academy team mate Mike Swick, “You know it’s bullshit buddy. Who else should fight the Frenchie other than me? For realz.”

Uuuuuuh, how about the champion from another organization who has the tools to make things a fight against GSP? But no, Jon Fitch is right. If he can’t fight Georges St Pierre next (even though he’s coming off a draw and hasn’t shown any improvement since his last GSP shellacking), then no one should. Fitch is completely in touch with the common MMA fan here. His stunning understanding of what people want can be seen in other declarations:

  • “Fuck the Avengers movie, people want Aquaman”
  • “Barack Obama should step aside so Hillary can run in 2012″
  • “Dry humping is way better than penetration”
  • DSPTomK

    Maybe Fitch thinks he can talk his way into a rematch since he clearly can’t fight his way into one (or maybe finish a fight into one).  His problem is that his shit talking is as interesting as his fighting style. 

  • Symbul

    You guys know GSP is just going to take Diaz down, right?

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    But that gets him subbed by a superior Jitzer known exclusively for his bottom-game, unlike a top-heavy guy like BJ.

    Methinks his best bet is using his jab-and-move game to avoid Diaz’ combos and chip-damage accumulation

  • frickshun

    ^^You must be out of your motherfucking mind if you think Nick is subbing GSP!!

  • fishead

    yeah… like Diaz was able to sub Sherk… hell, he didn’t even manage it against Joe Riggs. I mean, Diaz is one of my favorites to watch… and I hope this’ll be a more interesting viewing experience than GSP v. Shields… but I’m not sure that he’s got what it takes to counter the absolutely stifling game that GSP has been pitching for years.

  • Redping

    Gracie Jiujitsu is the best jiujitsu in MMA, and this is the only time EVER where GSP HAS to put himself directly into it, he cant just run away from it.

    GSP has still never fought a top submission guy, and there’s nobody more top than Gracie jiujitsu. jake shields might’ve done it if he wasn’t boring and one dimensional, but jiuijtsu is nicks WEAKEST area, I like how the match up works for him.

    hell otherwise what’re we going to do? wait for ellenberger and his one-punch?

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Dear Frick,

    I hope this finds you well.  From your recent letter, it appears you are confusing what I think will happen in the fight, with what I think GSP will want to avoid.  Specifically: ranges wherein Nick has the highest likelihood of finishing Georges.

    I do not think he is likely to actually sub GSP form the bottom, but it is the position from which he’s attained many – if not all – of his subs, whereas CQ knuckle-boxing range is where he attains all his (T)KOs.  Edgarification is what I believe GSP will believe is his best bet as it avoids both of those ranges


    Your Daddy

  • kvelertak

    The main thing about this fight is that GSP is breaking mentally.

    His confidence is shot from not being able to finish and all the pressure his fans and his sport is putting on him.

    Either he is realizing he has peaked and isn’t getting better, or that he can’t finish from strikes.

    Either way I don’t think he’s got the mental game down anymore, and taking a little eye damage really shook him.

    Diaz will make it a war or nothing at all, and I don’t think GSP can handle that.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Dearest Head of Fish,

    You are absolutely right, in your Sherk analysis, but as your step-brother Frick has recently learned, that is not the issue; The issue is what GSP will believe while forming his gameplan.

    He will look at Nick’s performance against competition as you have, while also analyzing their physiology’s relationship to their skills set in comparison to both Nick’s and his own.  In doing so he will notice that Sean Sherk is an incredibly skilled top-control MMA wrestler whilst also being a fucking midget.  Subsequently he will dismiss Nick’s submission efficacy against the infinitesimal levers and incredible resisting torque of Sean’s dwarven nubs and realize he cannot assume a similar level of defensive capability against the Stockton Numbchucker.

    He will also take Diaz’ subsequent attainment of brown and black belts from Cesar Gracie since the bout with Sherk into account. Multiplying those variables by GSP forsaking his legs to control his opponent by opting to use his arms as his primary control tools he’ll realize it’s more risk than necessary to secure his win.


    Uncle Thunderlips

    PS – Say “Hi” to your mom for me.

  • fishead

    Dearest Uncle Elbows of Thunder.

    Thank you for the respectful tone of your reply. It is always appreciated when someone takes the time necessary to carefully craft an appropriate response to observations, such as those I made earlier.

    You are absolutely correct to point out that much time has elapsed since Nick Diaz lost his fight with Sherk, and that he has greatly improved in the interim. It must also be pointed out that GSP has also made advances in the same period of time (including a graduation to black belt). It is also interesting to note that both Diaz and GSP’s fights against ‘the muscle shark’ were occurred only a few months apart, and that GSP had no problem whatsoever dealing with the incredible skill and top-control of Sherk’s wrestling game, which caused so many problems for Diaz.

    I point this out because, GSPs wrestling has continued to evolve, and while he hasn’t used this skill to set up an impressive array of spectacular submission finishes… it must be noted that he also successfully managed to avoid being caught in any submissions during this same period. In fact, his only submission defeat came in the loss to Matt Hughes quite early in his UFC career, and he has since avenged that loss two-fold.

    GSP didn’t shy away from going to the ground with BJ Penn in either of their fights, nor did he seem averse to taking the second match against Matt Serra there. These are both decorated jiujitsu black belts, although they may also (as you so quaintly put it) be considered ‘fucking midgets’ that do not possess the same capabilities as the long-levered Diaz.

    In closing, I think you are correct in your assessment of the threats that Diaz presents, but I also have confidence that GSPs camp will prepare him accordingly – if this fight does indeed occur. Personally, I think it might be interesting – given the success that throws and suplexes had against Nate Diaz – if GSP addresses these threats by stepping into the octagon with a plan to avoid using the blast double-leg takedown that has become his trademark… and instead opts for using methods to get Diaz to the ground that are less likely to place him inside his opponent’s guard. Given GSPs wrestling talent, one might expect that he could opt to focus on greco-roman techniques that would, perhaps, fluster the potential challenger.

    PS – I passed on the message to mom. She says the restraining order is still in place, and she intends to speak with her attorney to find out if your “Hi” constitutes a violation of the terms.

  • frickshun

    Dear Daddy DJ,

    Rather than give a Fisheadian breakdown (which was quite accurate), I’ll only say that GSP has fought the best fighters in the world while Diaz couldn’t hack it in the big leagues & has feasted on sub-par UFC washouts or wannabe B-movie stars.

    There is zero chance GSP would get baited into a slugfest a la Gomi or fall into a triangle a la Nick’s bro vs Batman. Plus, the strength advantage totally negates any PERCEIVED skill advantage in regard to jits.

    I love you & I miss you.



  • Blackula Jonez

    This turned out to be a fun read.


    I will be roothing for Diaz but I have no illusions to if he willl actually be able to pull off the task of seperating GSP from his precious.


    Nick’s best asset in this fight (if it even gets made) will be his cardio and constant brazen balls to the wall offense. Many so called title challengers taste gsp’s offence and resign themselves to surviving for the rest of the fight, if anybody is crazy enough to throw the kitchen sink at Georges it will be Nick. Attack on the feet, attack off your back, attack, attack, attack!

    Not a surefire recipe for victory, but we have seen that being a punching bag or grappling dummy for gsp doesn’t win fights either.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Dearest Childrens,

    I am glad to hear you are in such good spirits despite my absence.  You both have so much to say and my time is very limited, so let’s get to it.


    GSP didn’t shy away from going to the ground with BJ Penn in either of their fights, nor did he seem averse to taking the second match against Matt Serra there. These are both decorated jiujitsu black belts, although they may also (as you so quaintly put it) be considered ‘fucking midgets’ that do not possess the same capabilities as the long-levered Diaz.

    This, in addition to your analysis of the Syringe Shark fights are very accurate, and I would subscribe to your newsletter if they were not irrelevant.  BJ Penn doesn’t play a bottom/guard game, instead preferring to gain better position and then go for subs and grounded burger pounding, and Serrrrrrra’s guard combos and tactics are lacking in creative problem-solving and often fall prey to frustration.  Both were fighting a much larger and stronger man, which is not where they look good.  I’m sure you’ve seen the Lyoto fight and … well, any Serra fight.

    Although I personally agree he has a good chance of staying in guard and frustrating young Nicholas with the elbows and wrestling of which hie is so fond, I’m not sure it is something GSP will be willing to risk.  Hopefully I am wrong in this.

    Your clinch is the only tactical toss-up here, as it gets Georges right in Nicholas’ best range against a sub-countering wrestler: knuckle-and-elbow-boxing range.  This is the most unknown range as Georges usually eschews it immediately whereas Diaz bludgeons the body and throws lazy knees and lazier fadeaway kicks on the break.

    Additionally, your mother should know by now that there is no law on the information superhighway, and nothing can stop me from getting her.  Also, happy Memorial Day!


    There is zero chance GSP would get baited into a slugfest a la Gomi or fall into a triangle a la Nick’s bro vs Batman. Plus, the strength advantage totally negates any PERCEIVED skill advantage in regard to jits.

    I deeply and painfully regret not employing a prophylactic.  Perhaps you are replying to someone else in one of your bouts of “The Reefer Madness,” but I did not mention a slugfest, and -in fact- mentioned avoiding one at all costs by sticking and moving, A La the great Frankie “The Answer” Astaire.

    I thought his strengths would negate a lot of things in the past, but it does not mean Georges perceives it that way.  If his physical attributes were all that mattered given his toolset we’d be talking about how he might be preparing to KO a second Cesar Clugger, but that has proven akin to my returning home to you, Saint Nicholas, and The Easter Bunny; Figments of your fucking imagination.

    Also, to reiterate – you young man, should have been a condom.

    Love Always,

    Don Jesus ThunderElbows

  • G Funk

    Dearest letter writers,

    I didn’t read any of your jargon. Not a word.

    With utmost sincerity,
    Funkster G

  • CAP

    feel the love.

  • frickshun

    Dear Daddy DJ, This thread reminds me of most of your dates. Lotsa dialogue & little action. Therefore:

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Same as I told your Mother – I’m actually proud of you.

    Sorry for the verbosity everyone, I’ve been imaging disks all day and got bored.

  • glassjawsh

    dearest everyone

    Fuck you guys



    this guy

  • fishead

    for a second there, I thought us cunts were going to be civilized…

    …and then… whoosh!

    that thought was gone.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I like that even the li-fucking-brarian gets a case of snarlin’ labia at our wordificationism.

  • iamphoenix

    there should be a limit to how many words each member is allowed to use at once. like g funk, i didn’t read none of your shits.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Shouldn’t you be drawing?

  • Remco Pardoel

    Are you looking to adopt, Daddy DJ?

  • iamphoenix

    i am drawing…wolverine vs akuma.

  • Blackula Jonez

    you gonna post em?

  • iamphoenix

    i post everything on deviantart…here’s my page yo>>

    wolverine vs akuma isn’t on there yet still working on it…but there is a xmen poster there and robocop, thundercats etc…

  • Reverend Clint

    real wolverine vs puma

  • iamphoenix

    i don’t know who puma is dude. from the what?

    what do you mean real wolverine?

    is this real life?

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Puma seems pretty gay, Clint.

  • frickshun

    I think maybe he was talking about REAL animals. Which is completely gay.

    Phoenigga–>how about Voltron vs MechaGodzirra?

    No no…..Voltron vs……THE CONSTRUCTICONS!! Oh shit…..I need these things.

  • G Funk

    I call roach joints voltron.