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Georges St Pierre was injured before he got injured again

People love to cast GSP as a neurotic perfectionist unwilling to take chances. So it shouldn’t be surprising that some fans are grumbling that maybe the injury that took Georges off UFC 137 wasn’t that bad. Matt Hughes summarizes the sentiment on his blog: “I will go out on a limb and say it doesn’t have to be all that serious for Georges to pull out of the fight, because I know that he likes to make sure he’s 100% before he steps into the octagon.”

There’s not exactly a large body of evidence to support this theory. Georges has pulled out of a grand total of one UFC fight – his first match against Matt Serra back in 2007. And now we have this video from Sportsnet that shows Georges was already trying to work through an injury to one of his knees from Saturday when he borked the other one on Tuesday:

I don’t know exactly how it happend. I kinda slipped, felled, I think I strained my knee. I went for my MRI, nothing was torn, it was good news but it was a moderate strain ligament. So I told the doctor, I said “Listen, I’m going to try and train tomorrow and if I can train and go full out I’m going to take the fight, otherwise thats mean I’m not going to be ready.” So I went on Tuesday, tried to train. I felt a little discomfort in my knee as always with my lateral movement and I was compensating with my other leg so what happened is duiring my training I hurt my hamstring on the other side. I think it was because of the compensation. So right away I knew I was not going to be able to fight unfortunately.

I don’t blame Georges St Pierre for pulling out of his fight. I blame Nick Diaz. If a butterfly flapping it’s wings on one side of the earth can change a bunch of crap on the other, then who knows what would have happened if a stoner had shown up at some goddamn press conferences?

  • G Funk

    More of this?

  • Sodomize Intolerance

    Trust me, this kind of shit happens all the time.

    I sprained my ACL in college.  My knee was in a splint.  To compensate, I used the other leg to keep training for my fitness course and I blew out my other ACL.  Fucking fantastic. 

  • Blackula Jonez

    If you want to blame anyone blame whoever designed the human knees, it can do and support so much but a couple slight bends the wrong way and kablowie its close to useless.


    Injuries happen, if anything we should be happy that this is only the second time Georges has had to pull out of a fight. My interest in this match was seriously downgraded when Diaz when being Diaz and got booted to the co main to be honest.

  • Rodriguez

    GSP also pulled out of UFC 63 about a month before the show. They had to pluck BJ from a match against (of all people) Kuniyoshi Hironaka on the October Fight Night to fill the hole against Hughes.

  • P W

    “If you want to blame anyone blame whoever designed the human knees…”

    Blame the monkey who thought it was a good idea to start walking upright!

  • kvelertak

    Anderson fought with a broke Rib. P4P.

  • Billytk

    kvelertak, No he didn’t his manager claimed he had a “injured” rib as a excuse for him getting beat on for 4 1/2 rounds

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Great excuse for winning a fight!

  • iamphoenix

    he felled? wtf does that mean?

  • CAP

    ^GSP engrish

  • Letibleu

    No, its Frenglish

  • Grappo

  • iamphoenix

    ^same here grope.

  • Reverend Clint

    its blocked if you dont eat maple syurp covered fries

  • Komodo

    its blocked if you dont eat maple syurp covered fries


    Why does that sound so delicious?

    Better yet, where can I get some so I can see this video?

  • G Funk

    Add some moose mayo and I’d swear you’re talking bout CanadA…buddy

  • Komodo

    Well shit.

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