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Getting to know Ben Askren

Via MMA Sucka:

Outside the cage, Askren’s hobbies are varied. He is an avid frisbee (or disc) golf player who once finished ninth in that sport’s amateur world championships. He also speaks with passion about the latest movie he saw, a documentary about the recent US financial crisis brought on by corrupt Wall Street bankers.

“The wall street bankers that made the banks fail and then got their money back from the government because they’re all entangled with each other, they’re all scumbags and I’d like to line them all up and punch them each in the face for what they’ve done to the common American person.”

Amateur pfft. It’s all about the pro disc golf circuit.

  • CAP

    But what does he use for that hair?!?!?

    Did I ever mention I met Roger Huerta disc golfing?? True story!

  • Reverend Clint

    fag should try and play this local disc golf place. This was the first place I ever played.

  • Jarman

    looks kinda like the free ghetto course near where i grew up….

  • Reverend Clint

    pretty much. its behind Humboldt State University middle of a redwood forest. even has a water hazard.

  • Letibleu

  • Reverend Clint

    Penix’s new course

  • Jarman

    LOL! I’d play Clint’s course, but peenix can keep his land mines. a game there’d either take wayyyy too long, or end way too soon.

    Damn tho clint, for real, that sounds like exactly the kind of course I’d like to lose a few discs in.

  • Reverend Clint

    pretty fun. plus if you get tired of climbing up the mountain you can just sit down and have a smoke

  • Fab

    You do each exercise for one mitune then switch without rest in between? If so, can you redo this video, showing yourself completing all this? Also I don’t get you say you like to do a 10-15 mitune set, doing 2 or 3 without breaks. Can you explain this in more detail? Each exercise is one mitune, so you mean you do all exercises in a row non-stop twice? Totaling approx 20 mitunes of this without any rest at all?

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