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Gil Melendez having trouble getting motivated for over-matched opponents, Strikeforce responds with Pat Healy

(Gil looks just as impressed at Strikeforce’s matchmaking as we are)

Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gil Melendez is consensus Top 5 in his division. He’s a very well-rounded fighter who just happens to sport one of the best low fro’s in the biz. The only problem for Gil is that he’s stuck in the Strikeforce/Showtime contractual pit of hell and has very few peers down there. Well, let not an impossibly bleak situation stop Scott Coker from booking the fights that everyone wants to see. From the wreckage that has become Strikeforce, Coker now brings us Gil’s newest challenger: Pat Healy.

No not Matt Dillon’s character from There’s Something about Mary, you silly goose. Pat Healy, the fighter. You know, the guy who holds wins over Carlos Condit, Paul Daley, and Dan Hardy, oh and Tiki Ghosn. Do not forget about Tiki – he’s walking, talking proof that if you’re slick enough to bang Arianny and follow Rampage around like a puppy, then you get to keep your status as a decent win on other’s guys’ records. But I digress. Healy is 28-16 and is riding high on a five fight win streak in Strikeforce. Now, don’t be getting’ all technical on me by pointing out that Healy holds no recent victories against Top 20 competition. No shit, Sherlock. This is Strikeforce, son, you gots to suspend disbelief and just enjoy the ride.

Even though Healy may not have faced the crème de la crème of 155’ers to get there, he’s an awfully tough fighter who deserves his shot, because shit man, unless you want to watch Melendez/Thompson IV, Pat’s the best option. And with his reputation as the slightly less skilled, lightweight version of Jon Fitch, this one is guaranteed to produce fireworks!

  • Letibleu

    I vaguely remember healy showing up at a weigh in wearing nothing but a cup.

    Can anyone confirm this?

  • iamphoenix

    such a boring fight poster.

  • Reverend Clint

    its not like Gils been slaying the top 155ers either unless you count Jap cans and has beens.

  • frickshun

    Hi Tony.

  • Tony

    What’s happening frikshun?

    Yeah, Gil needs to win impressively here. Healy is a grinder though man, he’s not easy to look good against.

  • frickshun

    The only times I’ve seen Healy is his photo on Junkie stories. Has anyone actually seen him fight or is he like the mythical female orgasm?

  • Blackula Jonez

    What Cap said Pat Healy has won and lost to way better and bigger fighters than Gil.

    He is a huge lightweight, and is just as experienced as Gil.

    I lost faith in El Nino after the last fight, I though he was going to run over Josh Thompson and then he shit the bed and damn near lost the fight and acted like he won every round.

    War Bam Bam

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  • glassjawsh

    remember that time less than 3 months ago when pat healy got repeatedly taken down by the goofball with no wrestling experience that got his arm snapped by shinya aoki (and then got gifted a decision)?

    no, wouldn’t figure any of you would

  • Blackula Jonez

    Not going to front, I didn’t remember that.

    But I will never overestimate the ability of Gil again.

  • Rich

    Not to say that i agree with him 100% but he has a point. I watched their fight and psnloraley i think he won the fight. He was very tentative with his strikes and still managed to bust up Gilbert’s face using only a jab. absolutely I think he can beat and did beat Gilbert Melendez. This guy is very overrated. He’s middle to lower UFC light weight talent.He wants to fight either BJ Penn or Anthony Pettis. I believe he has a rude awaking coming. BJ will beat him and Anthony Pettis will finish him. I hope they do bring him to the UFC so he and all the people including the Strikeforce commentators that call him the best light weight in the world are proven wrong. he’s a quality fighter but he’s not the best light weight on the plant. not even close. The thing that makes me not like him is not his talent as a fighter. Its that he has a very big mouth a very big ego and he thinks he s way better than I believe he is. Bring him to the UFC Dana!!