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Gina Carano might have switched camps

There’s a great word MMA news sites love to use when they’re passing on stories they have no idea are true or not. That word is ‘Report’, for example ‘Report: Andrei Arlovski has crabs’ or Report: Fedor fighting soon without annoying complications.’ It’s a great way to say that someone else is saying this but if it’s wrong don’t blame us. It’s just a report! The latest report:

Report: Carano heads to Greg Jackson’s gym

Gina Carano has reportedly become the latest fighter to head to New Mexico hoping she can pick up some magic from the Greg Jackson gym in Albuquerque.

“Sources close to the situation have informed and The MMA Fight Corner that Gina Carano has left Xtreme Couture and is now training with Jackson’s MMA,” a report on the Five Knuckles website said at the weekend.

We have no idea if this is true or not, but it sounds promising. I heard ‘reports’ of my own that Gina wasn’t winning any XTreme Couture attendance awards leading up to her fight against Cris Cyborg, and then when she did finally show up for a training session, it was photographed and thrown up on the internets. Considering she still seems to be actively hiding from the MMA world, I dunno if she appreciated that.

Anyways, whatever she had going on at XTreme Couture hasn’t seemed very tight lately. And getting in with Greg Jackson is a very promising way to start fresh and show she’s serious about this comeback being more than just a publicity stunt.

  • agentsmith

    The only thing she’s coming back for is seconds at the buffet table.

  • CAP

    How many of Jackson’s lay n prayers are getting excited to grind Gina around the cage? Easy there Guida!

  • frickshun

    REPORT: Jon Jones already let everyone know that he is totes willing to fight her……or anyone else that gets in his way.

  • Komodo

    Report: Was expecting pictures of her kissing women when I clicked.

  • agentsmith

    Show of hands, who thinks Randy hit that?

  • frickshun

    Seth, we don’t say “tap that”.