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Girl Without Makeup Still Hot

Girl Without Makeup Still Hot

Some women live and die by the coating of makeup they fastidiously apply to themselves in their efforts to make themselves into what they think embodies the word “beautiful”. This is, sadly, as true of those who probably need as it is those who are just naturally gifted with good looks. On her Instagram account, UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer – who gets paid to strut around the Octagon holding a sign aloft while smiling and looking pretty – posted a pic of herself without makeup. And believe it or not, she looks nothing like the Medusa of Greek mythology, so gazing upon it won’t turn you to stone!

Here’s the pic so you can judge for yourself:

Brittney Palmer Instagram

  • Will

    So she just naturally secretes eyeliner? Or did you mean to put “no” in quotation marks, like how I’ve “never” masturbated in public?