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Girls 2, Guys 0

Here’s a vid from Josh Barnett of some chick punching some dude. Maybe if I was Jordan Breen I’d know who they were but I’m too busy having sex with women to bother with the details.

  • Stu

    Megumi Fuji

  • Jonathan

    Man she’s hot!

  • johnny

    yes. that is megumi fuji

  • Mobb Deep

    Sex with women rocks!

  • Wu Tang

    Yes but sex with her wont…. Im totally scared for her bf, he better be someone who is like 300 lbs, so she can bring home the butta, cuz she seems to be the breakmaker.. which means sucky in beddy.

    – love, j

  • Erin

    Who doesn’t love Megumi? Chick’s like 50lbs and could kill me with both arms tied behind her back.

  • Matto

    She looks friendly and playful in the video but in fights she bends people’s feet right the hell off and doesn’t even think twice about it.

  • Cyrus

    I’d probably fight Megumi for a chance with her; she’s that fucking hot. Of course, I have a thing for women who could break me. Why the *#$ am I talking to you bastards anyways?