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Girls 2, Guys 1

Is Randy Couture gonna have to choke a bitch? Yes, I think so.

  • Jonathan

    I bet that Randy hated doing that

  • Wu Tang

    Funny thing is.. Randy never choked out anyone before, so he chocked a girl? Good move!

  • Mobb Deep

    Good Find!

  • Asa

    She’s probably the cutest, but not the first, Wu. Randy guillotined someone in RINGS and RNC’d someone in his UFC debut

  • Speshl J

    Capt. America chokes out small chick. That’s some good publicity :)

  • John

    I like the half smile on his face

  • ajadoniz

    #2, umm… sorry to tell you but yea he has. i can count about two. he did an anaconda choke on sum dude and a guillotine on the other. use the sherdog shitfinder.

  • Erin

    Randy’s shirt look very comfy.

    That is all.

  • Tyrone Jackson

    That chick looks pretty cute… I’d choke her out too,

  • Emil Rehnberg

    Can you get this somewhere else? It’s been removed.. Doh!

  • fightlinker

    UPDATED! It works again!

  • matt

    Randy chokes ppl in training quite often, just not to the drooling stage.. You Tube has the same video and the chick is cussing on the way to la la land..Why sign up for the most embarrasing moment of your life?