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Good fight or greatest fight?

People really seemed into last night’s Hendo vs Shogun match. ‘Fight of the Year’ has been thrown around, alongside ‘Fight of the Decade’ and ‘Best Fight of All Time.’ It was pretty awesome, and even Dana White agrees:

“It was the greatest fight I’ve ever seen” UFC president Dana White said of his veteran battle.

But when asked if maybe that fight would have been the perfect fight for FOX, Dana switched gears a little:

“If that fight that happened tonight went on FOX for the first time ever, let me tell you what – I would not be having a good time these last five or six days,” White said when asked him the question. “We’ve got to ease our way – look, we live in this bubble, gang. We live in this bubble that the rest of the world doesn’t live in and doesn’t understand. We’re still in an education process and educating the masses about what the sport is and what it’s all about.

“Those of us who are in this room and people who have been watching this for a long time just incredibly appreciate what those two did tonight in there, and you can understand what they went through and what’s going on. The rest of the world would go, ‘Oh my God. What was that?'”

I guess he’s got a bit of a point. You’ve got Shogun getting beaten to a pulp, bleeding all over the place. Shogun getting tired, then Hendo getting tired. Rua wailing on Henderson for the last two rounds, only to lose a decision because of the first three. I can see fans flipping out because they thought the wrong guy won.

But still … an awesome fight is an awesome fight. And why are we even playing around with this imaginary possibility? I guess you can only bitch and moan about how things would have been had Ben Henderson vs Clay Guida made the broadcast for so long. Now we’re going to wonder about how every fight would have played out on network television?

  • Reverend Clint

    The fight reminded me of Bonnar/Griffin which was infront of a mostly ignorant audience.

  • iamphoenix

    …if only they postponed Griffin/Bonnar 1 to be on FOX last Saturday…

  • FilmDrunk

    I like my bubble. I want to be able to watch seven fights, and not watch an hour show for one 65-second fight.

  • Billytk

    I wasn’t that impressed with it to be honest I saw 2 guys both gassing and the things I noticed most from this fight are that Shogun got robbed, the judging and scoring system needs a overhaul bigtime, does anyone really think Hendo had a hope if the fight continued you could score the early rounds for him but if you take the fight as a whole and look at how it ended he was the loser no question.
    the one thing that stands out to me the most is that if Shogun really is the #2 LHW as most sites have him ranked and he was in such a close fight with a guy who was absolutely destroyed by a WW who is a gatekeeper at best in the UFC then the once dominate LHW division has become by far the weakest division around.

  • P W

    Ah for fuck’s sake! Yes, it was an awesome fight, but when everybody turns into Mike Goldberg and start calling it “the best fight in MMA history” (an MMA fight is apparently only judged on the amount of blood and guts [ever since Bonnar vs. Griffin gave us the blueprint]), “entertaining MILLIONS” (PPV numbers/foreign audience THAT great/big?) and “a match-up fans have been waiting a lifetime for” (were people even talking about this match-up before it was announced at all?), I just want to puke instead.

    If I was BLAF I’d start wondering what it says about my organization when two Pride fighters, 3-5 years past their prime, in a fight that has zero implications on the overall scheme of things, put on a display which is heads and shoulders above anything else that I’ve seen in a looong time.

    I wouldn’t have mind seeing a draw after that fight.


    (Isn’t the headline for this post supposed to be “Great fight or greatest fight?”?)


  • glassjawsh

    ^ you’re both idiots. it’d be like being unimpressed when Jordan beat the Jazz in 98 or when Elway took down the Browns with “the Drive” or Willie Mays’ catch during the ’54 world series or Gatti-Ward I. What we witnessed last night was greatness, the kind of “where were you” fight that only comes once every 5 or 10 years.

    It had all the drama, heart and beautiful display of varied and precise skill that we’ve been trumpeting as the reason that others should get on the
    MMA train. this fight was EXACTLY why so many of us love this sport played out prefectly over 25 minutes and you bitches STILL found a way to find enoug fault in it that you could’ve enjoy something wonderful

    it’d be like reading Slaughter House Five and pissing on the entire book because Vonnegut used they’re when he should have used their

    if you’re too much of a misanthrope that can’t appreciate what went down I honestly feel sorry for you


  • frickshun

    I’m gonna mostly agree w/Jawshy. It was a high level slop fest but very entertaining.

    PW–>As far as being “meaningful”, the winner will get a FUCKING TITLE SHOT. That’s not meaningful, huh?

    Billy–>Hendo never looks great @ 185.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    So like Sonnen, Hendo comes out strong – all full of Vimalone™ and Vinegarynol™ -and then gasses. 

    As a Rua, Shogun comes out looking flabby and completely unprepared to do his job.  When the fuck will he get to camp that’ll condition him to use his incredible skills?  I understand he loves his brother and they’ve trained together forever, but come the fuck on.

    Dope ass fight, but the G.O.A.T. shit needs to chill.

    PS – I know it’s just test, but that didn’t fit my brilliantly clever snarky brilliance

  • glassjawsh

    ^ seriously though….name 10 top level fights that you liked more as whole…..
    I’ll even help you with a few
    Edgar – Maynard 3
    Kawajiri – Alvarez
    Pettis – Bendo
    Santiago – Misaki 2
    and then…..
    it’s in the discussion with all of those

  • Reverend Clint


  • Letibleu

    Hulk Hogan VS Andre the Giant was epic, definitely in there.

  • Reverend Clint

    Godzilla vs Mothra

  • P W

    frickshun: Has it been confirmed that the right guy won? Oh well, I don’t know when to stop, do I?

  • CAP

    It was a great highly entertaining fight but I can’t get behind the best EVA when both guys are gassed as fuck at the end. Imho the best fight needs guys that can actually compete for every round, otherwise it’s just a one sided ass whooping and not a “great fight”.  And every week I hear Goldberg say slip-n-rip omfng this is the greatest we’ve ever seen, He needs to calm the fuck down with that shilling.

  • frickshun


  • Billytk

    I don’t see why this fight is getting so much love, it was a good fight but no where near GOAT what it truly showcased was a lack of cardio and how bad the scoring system is

  • P W

    Goldberg has begun using the line “one of the most exciting fights in MMA history” like once per event.


    Another Goldberg quote from 139: “When talk around the water cooler centres on the most exciting LHWs in the UFC, the names Stephan Bonner and Kyle Kingsbury inevitably pop up.”

    I wonder how long a water cooler break has to be before anyone mentions those names! More like “didn’t he retire a long time ago?” and “who’s that guy again?”.


    And the highlight of the night: Corner: – “Circle, circle, punch and move!”
    Goldberg: – “You hear the corner, “gentle, gentle, punch and move”. That’s the Martin Kampmann Danish style.”

    Sometimes I don’t know if it’s Goldberg or Rogaine who’s the stand-up comedian.

  • Predator8u

    the fight was fun to watch but no ” Best Fight of all Time” . It was just a WAR then they both gassed. So Meh. 

    but i love that from quote from Dana how reasonable and full of the raw truth