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Goodbye Matt

Onward and upward to Shark Fights

Matt Brown is another fighter to be let go by the UFC. His release makes a little more sense than Gearld Harris being that Matt is on a 3 fight losing streak, all by submission.

UPDATE: Maybe “The Immortal” isn’t fired… according to a little mermaid.

  • iamphoenix

    his tattoo lied to us.

  • Tanhauser

    Always found him to be a boring fighter imo.
    Not in a fitch sorta way but… he brought nothing to the table.

  • Symbul

    He’s a STANDANDBANGRRR kind of guy. But yeah, his submission defense is pretty subpar.

  • iamphoenix

    ^why would you say that?

  • Blackula Jonez

    granted he moved from ohio, but the local gym has him listed as one of their UFC level figthers?

    The main thing The Immortal brought to a fight was at least one round of grit before his opponents just got him to the mat and just out maneuvered him.

    Hopefully he can win his way back to the ufc, but with such a glaring and well known flaw (sub defense) in a wrestler/grappler heavy division like WW I hope he can pull it off.

  • Redping

    he’s been subbed by some people who are good at subs, and he was sooooo close to subbing foster. I get the guy has some holes in his game, but it’s pure idiocy to

    personally, I’m sadder to see Brown go than Harris, because Harris’s fights are boring as hell except if he manages to slam a noob or get arm barred a noob. Brown earned my love with his fight vs dong yun kim, when he had his back taken the entire first round, and then managed to come back and I thought win the second and third with his striking.

    Harris, in his career, probably would’ve never fought anybody of the level of Chris Lytle, let alone twice, even if they kept him around to fight debut fighters a bit longer. At least Matt Brown fought ufc fighters all the way to his end, not repeatedly beat no namers until he had to fight a brazillian

  • Tanhauser

    Apparently Helwani just tweeted he hasn’t been fired.

    Blog fail.

  • iamphoenix

    I redact me earlier comment. I also redact my pants, gold bullion, masturbation and cat memes. In that order.

  • SST

    Poor Matt. Now he has to go back to the white chics.