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Thanks to the hundreds of people who helped spread the word and the thousands of people who have emailed Spike TV, we now have a three hour UFC Fight Night on April 2nd! While we were the main ones stupid enough to think harrassing Spike with emails would cause this change to happen, we wouldn’t have succeeded without the support of nearly every blog and forum out there. I’m super hyped – we’ll now get to see an extra 35 minutes of Castrol and KFC commercials (and possibly another fight or two – brought to you by World of Warcraft).

With this news it looks like the UFC is also upping the ante, adding Nasty Nate Diaz (I call him that because he’s ugly like a motherfucker) vs Kurt Pellegrino. Kurt isn’t 100% confirmed yet but all signs on that magic 8 ball point to yes on that matchup.

So let’s take a second to pat ourselves on the back here. We has done good, peoples. We has done good.

  • Mike_N

    Feel the power of the Internets!

  • Atom

    Most of the blog’s even called it Fightlinker’s Quest to get the show extended. (or something similar)

  • Accomando

    I think we need to ask for another hour; 4 hours of UFN to guarantee that guida’s fight is broadcasted live.

  • fightlinker

    haha 4 hour email time! I’ll start the email campaign right away.

  • MJC_123

    Now Dana has done something for you, what are you going to do for DANA *****gulp**********

  • kentyman

    Dana didn’t do shit. He gave a big “it’s not up to me”.

  • fightlinker

    This was all the fans, baby. Freaking awesome job on everyone’s part.

  • JoeRoganIsAnAss

    Happy Atom?

  • Atom

    Me? uh, yeah (because posting is back on, or because we won the extra hour?)

  • JoeRoganIsAnAss


    Congrat’s are in order to you FightLinker.

  • JoeRoganIsAnAss

    And the army of Jackals.

  • Omomatta

    This proved my theory that it comes in handy to keep 12 spare yahoo e-mail accounts active! Fightlinker is officially too cool for school.

  • fightlinker

    True credit goes out to you guys. All I did was make a few posts and emails and stuff like that. You guys carried the torch across the nets to a shitload of blogs and forums. But I’m very very happy we could help rally the troops and make this happen.

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    Now I can brag to my friends that I was part of the decision making process to extend UFN :D

  • frickshun

    On top of a great card, adding Dirty Diaz vs a worthy opponent is amazing. Still, I wonder how Batman’s new face hole will look. And it will be interesting to see the Diaz style of striking against an orthodox / decent striker like Kurt.

  • RoB

    now we need to find someone else to harass….any ideas?

  • Popetastic

    Congrats on your crusade Fightlinker!

    This is gonna be awesome.

    Let’s start harassing Dana White. Make Randy vs. Fedor happen in the cage.

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    Let’s do it!!

  • Hattori Hanzo

    Now that the UFN was extended I expect an article by retard Iole in which Dana is quoted as saying it was his plan all along.

    Lets email them for a 4 hr. show

  • Luke Thomas

    Well done, guys. Never underestimate the power of the blogger.

  • Hywel Teague

    well done FL :)

  • andres

    Yea we fucken rule how many emails did u guys send I sent 5

  • frickshun

    Please take a look at Luke “Judas” Thomas’ post @ his site. He says “This wasn’t solely Fightlinker’s doing” as if FL ever said it was. I posted that it was a ‘jackass’ statement since all FL is doing is giving every fan & blogger the credit. Apparently my MOTHERFUCKING POST DISAPPEARED!

  • fightfan says……..

    “This wasn’t solely Fightlinker’s doing, but they were the ones really turning this into a mini-movement, keeping in communication with the folks at Spike TV and continuously cracking the whip on the rest of us.”

    I thought it was Fightlinker that FIRST started the petition?? Is that not the case??? If so then Fightlinker is SOLELY responsible for the 3 hour show. Sure it took all of us and a lot of emails, but if it werent for Fightlinker starting things off, we have never of even had it possible.

    I may be wrong, set me straight if FL wqs not the first to start the petition

  • dignan

    Fightlinker not only:

    -Recreates scat porn
    -Sacrifices his body and our eyes in tasteless “grape” photography
    -Pisses into spindles
    -Shits so hard he shreds his intestines
    -Travels on greyhound buses

    but is also a successful fucking activist for MMA.

    I’m beginning to think he might be on Dana Whites payroll, and if he isn’t he should be.

  • Luke Thomas

    Some of you people are seriously retarded. I really feel for you. Life is always going to be difficult. My condolences.

    There were countless others on forums and messageboards who emailed Spike without Fightlinker’s prodding. Do some digging on, for example. Fightlinker posted there, but I recall seeing a thread asking for emails to Spike before Fightlinker started this crusade. Regardless, this site deserves enormous credit, but to suggest it’s “solely responsible” is to suggest quite the impossible. I am giving them as much credit as one possibly can without extending into hyperbole. In fact, if you look around the various blogs, BLOODY ELBOW IS THE ONLY ONE GIVING CREDIT TO FIGHTLINKER AT ALL.

    Seriously, the reading comprehension and analytical skills of some of this lot is really dubious.

  • dignan

    Hey Luke,

    Suck a fucking donkey dick you lowlife.

    Nobody here gives a shit about your jealous delusions of grandeur.

    You and Kalib Starnes can go fuck yourselves.

  • operator

    You give him credit but yet you feel you have the right to determine how much credit he desrves. It doesn’t matter what you say I can’t forget that you are the pussy that tucked his tail with the doctored photo idea.

  • fightlinker


    Luke and the BloodyElbow guys are indeed the ones giving me the most credit, and it’s very much appreciated! Luke’s my boy, and number one on my list of bloggers who I respect. So normally I’m very much about letting people talk whatever trash they want, but to shit on Luke for only giving us 99% credit instead of 110% is just wacky.

    By the way, it was Nate who originally welched out on the eyebrow bet, and he ended up going through with it in the end (much to my grape-photoed chagrin). Pretty much the only guy from BloodyElbow who isn’t cool is Brent Brookhouse, because he punches old women in the face and plays with dog penises (truth).

    Anyways, I know there’s a lot of people on here who are right upset that we’re not getting a whole lot of credit for the work we did. Does it suck? Yeah, it does. But Fightlinker is the red headed stepchild of MMA blogs – you’re just gonna have to get used to all the bigger websites pretending we don’t exist.

    These people work with all the orgs and fighters personally on a daily basis, so supporting a site that is all about calling everyone cockfaces makes life complicated. Oh, and half the time we also rag on the sites. Or our readers do. Such as you can see above with the shit you’re slinging at Luke Thomas :-p It’s a miracle anyone even gets in touch with us considering how evil we are sometimes.

    Anyways, this is supposed to be where we’re all like “AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!” about pulling this off.

  • dignan


    IMHO he can still suck a donkey dick, but point taken.

  • Throken

    Fucking awesome news.

  • Wu Tang

    Dear Fight-Linker,

    You helped flame the torch that burned for the graces of UFN 13. Much credit is due to you, who cares who started this cruisade to have Spike expand to 3 hours. What matters is that Fight-Linker went out of his way and pushed for this spectular card to be prolonged for an another hour. And much thanks to other bloggers (Luke Thomas) for helping out. There was no sole member that made this happen, infact it was a collective power. Hmmmm.. If most of the credit (not all) belongs to Fight-Linker.. I wonder how much lee-way he has when calling Eden ‘Horse-Face.’.. Hmmmm….. The power of Fight-Linker…

    Owwwww, go fuck youselves (Jakes line, im stealing :p)

  • operator

    My mistake on the bet part. The bottom line is that he refered to some us readers as retards and I felt a need for retaliation. I made a mistake calling him a tail tucking pussy and for that I apolagize I honestly thought it was the same dude.

  • garth

    heh…the problem with gathering a gang of jackals is that they’ll bite anyone. i think that perhaps “suck a bowl of dicks” would have been better than “suck a donkey dick”, but i’m a dick-joke connoisseur.

    i had to look up how to spell connoisseur. damn you zap brannigan.

  • Xavier

    Fuck giving Fightlinker credit, that shit was done after I emailed them. I told them to signify their acceptance by the end of February and they did. I am pleased with Spike today and won’t have to destroy them with my power of sarcasms.

    Three hours of kickass matchups. Almost too good to be true. Stellar work.

  • Matt (but I signed up as Mr. Unbelievable Pants)

    What happens if all the fights end with quick KOs? Are we going to be subjected to two hours of filler? I don’t know if I can take that, man. I really don’t.

    As Mauro Ranallo would say (in bombastic announcer voice)… those commercials and fight-hyping videos bore me worse than a drill bit!

  • frickshun

    F him & his backhanded compliment. If he really wants to compare SAT scores, I’m all for it. I like their site & they’ve always been respectful of FL. But reading the 1st line of his “BLOG” (yes Luke, you’re just a blogger w/an opinion), he acts like Linker is demanding credit when he’s doing the opposite. Hey Luke, for being nothing more than a glorified MMA Myspace page, I like reading Bloody Elbow! See what I did there?