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Griffin *asked* for Shogun?

Wow. According to the propaganda machine over at, Forrest Griffin *asked* to fight Shogun:

Griffin showed in his last fight with Hector Ramirez in June that he could fight a disciplined and effective three rounder. Plus, he wasn’t thrown to the wolves for this fight – he asked for “Shogun”, which means he must see something he can take advantage of on fight night.

Of course, it’s hard to take anything Thomas Gerbasi says too seriously after he calls Griffin’s performance against Hector Ramirez ‘a disciplined and effective three rounder’. I’m pretty impressed with Tom’s ability to shine any turd he’s given, but come on now!

However, if this is true, I definitely have to say it again: Forrest Griffin has some very large testicles. On the other hand, losing to Shogun Rua is definitely less humiliating than losing to a guy like Keith Jardine or Houston Alexander. Then again, if he cries in the ring again, it might make up the difference.

  • DJ Hapa

    I didn’t think Griffin’s performance at 72 was so bad. In fact, I thought he described it perfectly. He was probably using that as a glorified sparring session, trying to get some stand up work in, and trying to fight smart not recklessly.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Griffin take out Rua. In fact I am betting on it.

  • Matt

    Well, if someone was taking bets on this fight, I’d bet everything I own on death. It’s a good bet

  • http://GTI TIGERTAO

    If Griffin shows the same gun shy attitude he did against Ramirez, he’s gonna get Fucked up. If he cant put a ‘Sick Dog’ down when he’s got it shook…
    Dont get me wrong if Forrest comes correct with his pre-Jardine heart he’s got a chance, a slim chance, but a chance, the biggest advantage he’ll have is having Couture help him with tactics.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Forrest clinch and use dirty boxing against the cage a’la Randy Vs G.G.

  • fightlinker

    Not a good idea … shogun’s got a wicked clinch and will seperate and destroy griffin with knees. i just don’t see how Griffin can win this one … his last two performances have been nothing to write home about

  • DJ Hapa

    What Griffin needs is the pre-Bonnar Griffin combined with the new Xtreme Couture trained Griffin. The wildman needs to get lost.

  • Swedish guy

    I’m sick of brasilian sambadancing stupid ass boring all-look-the-same fighters, be it shogun or silva (anderson) or franca, i prefer all-american arm-broken men with a voice even deeper than dana white’s love for wanderlei.
    go forrest!

  • Rory

    I don’t know which article/interview it was in, but yes, Griffin did publicly ask for Shogun in the last few months.

  • Wu Tang


    Ok hes not, but he is goin to rape forest a new one. Then Shogun is head hunting for Rampage.. With his knees!

  • Mr. Chris

    Yeah, Shogun, Wanderlei and Anderson Silva look a lot alike! What the fuck are you talking about? Is Swedish Guy being sarcastic? And even though they all trained at Chute Boxe they all very different fighting styles. And how the fuck could you call them boring and in the same post say “go forrest”?

  • Speshl J

    Forrest has a secret weapon going into this fight. His 64 oz. jug o Mickey’s. Feel the sting!!!

  • Orange Robot

    I am sick of all these guys named Sylvia, sylva, silva, etc etc. And they all look alike and fight alike. Swedish guy is right. And how many freakin Thiagos are we gonna have?