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GSP admits he was over 170 for Diaz fight

Woah boy is this ever gonna piss off Nick Diaz’s boyfriend / lawyer.

On Thursday, the Associated Press published an interview with St-Pierre, who admitted he believes he did come in slightly over the 170-pound weight limit but was told the exact same thing as Diaz about the weigh-in rules.

“They came to us just before weighing and even I was surprised.  They told us they were going (to) round (the decimals down),” St-Pierre said in the interview.

St-Pierre couldn’t remember the exact number but believed he weighed in at 170.4 that Friday afternoon in Montreal.  The additional weight was not counted, and he was announced as weighing 170 pounds.

Just to refresh everyone’s memory, here’s what Nick’s lawyer Jonathan Tweedale wrote in his official complaint regarding weight-gate:

“In the circumstances,” wrote Tweedale, “Mr. St-Pierre remains legally and ethically obligated to fight Mr. Diaz at 170 pounds or else vacate the belt in favor of those prepared to fight at welterweight.”

Now that Georges has admitted himself that he was above the 170 pound limit, he will have no choice but to fight Diaz again or forfeit his belt. CHECKMATE, BITCHES!

Okay, maybe not. But for those of you who really are mad about the extra weight, it’s worth mentioning that Georges weighed in wearing shorts, so that .4 could have easily been taken care of if he stripped down to his birthday suit. So really, it wasn’t Nick Diaz that was robbed but all the female fans at the weigh-in. Thanks a lot, commission.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    It’s pretty obvious that the only reason GSP was able to control Diaz so well on the mat was the extra .4 lb. Diaz > all UFC belt holders

  • Jason Thomas

    I doubt he was just over by 0.4 though. Was likely more and he’s just trying to make it sound better. Either way the Quebec commission are a bunch of hometown hero lovin’ scumbags

  • Ryan

    Was I the only one who watched the weigh ins? Take a minute and go watch it. The entire card weighed in a twenty three minute time frame and Diaz and St. Pierre both weighed in at 169 and a fraction. This is not news. There is no scandal.

  • kvelertak

    GSP shouldn’t get special treatment.

    Has nothing to do with the outcome of the fight.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    This FakeRyan guy is full of shit less than accurate. Nick was announced as 169 and Georges at 170. No decimals at all for those two. Skip ahead to 26 minutes and aboot ten seconds – wait, I’ll do it for you.

    You can even hear the AC guys telling Rogan 169 and 170.