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GSP-Diaz was as predictable as we all kinda knew it would be


Nick Diaz was telling the truth – we were sold wolf tickets. After months and months of buildup – being told that Georges St Pierre was pissed off and had dark thoughts, that he wanted to injure Nick Diaz so badly he would be forced to retire – we got a fight that was both amazingly predictable but still surprisingly disappointing. Georges St Pierre did what we all expected him to do: he took Nick Diaz down with ease and completely controlled him on the ground. Nick had no answers to Georges’ wrestling dominance, and seemed hesitant on the feet to boot. Gone was the guy who threw endless punches from all angles – for the several minutes this fight stayed on its feet, Diaz faked and postured and did very little.

In the final 10 seconds of the fight, Georges turned up the intensity and threw some ground and pound with urgency and bad intentions. But overall this was another fight where many will make the argument that St Pierre coasted to a decision victory rather than open himself up to any risk going for a finish. You could see it in his grappling style – no matter how completely he had Diaz trapped under him, his grip remained locked in a way that kept his opponent down. He never went for a submission attempt. Not one.

Diaz was unable to get anything going off his back as well, not that this was all that surprising. Stylistically this was a terrible fight for Nick from the start. Wrestlers have been the bane of his career since his first stint in the UFC and his highly vaunted Gracie jiu jitsu stylings have never amounted to much with a dominating fighter working on top of him. But it was on the feet where we really saw something strange: a less than aggressive Diaz who was flat and couldn’t pull the trigger and throw his combinations.

Wolf tickets. Georges was pissed and was gonna go in to hurt Diaz. Diaz wanted the belt and would do anything to get it. Both lies. Georges didn’t fight with any urgency or anger at all. And Nick Diaz basically admitted after the fight that he came into it with retirement on the mind. What we saw for five rounds wasn’t the fight we were sold, it was a match between two guys looking for a big paycheck.

Fortunately, Georges’ run of overclassed opponents is coming to an end. Whether he sticks around at 170 or goes catchweight for a fight with Anderson Silva, he’s not going to be able to take his next fight with relative ease. Johny Hendricks is as terrible a stylistic matchup for St Pierre as St Pierre was for Diaz. He’s got amazing wrestling, dynamite in his fists, and a real hunger to dethrone the champ and take his place. And Silva … well, no need to explain that. So finally we will get to see what we keep paying for whenever Georges St Pierre is on a UFC card: a real fight.

  • 2wrongs

    I don’t agree at all. I liked the fight. Even though I usually hate GSP fights. I felt that there was an urgency there that I didn’t feel before. Maybe it was just me.

    After watching Hendricks, I doubt that he has any more dynamite in his fists than any other fighter. Condit ate those fists and spit them out without blinking. Sure H. had all the takedowns (though C. was up in 30 seconds so there was hardly dominance) and deserved to win but he wasn’t so hot on his feet.

    I would say that Condit is pretty much the only really experienced fighter that H. has fought and it kind of shows.

    Wasn’t Hardy supposed to be some kind of knockout wiz?

  • Rob2Kx

    Cause Koscheck wasn’t a wrestler with big power.

    But I agree. We all knew this was going to be a 5 round GSP decision. Yawn. No attempt what-so-ever to finish.

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  • mamoru

    Fight played out pretty much exactly like everyone but the dumbest fans knew it would.
    Most effective wrestler in MMA vs a guy with decent takedown defense at best and a highly overrated submission game.
    Personally the only thing that surprised me was that GSP didn’t get a 10-8 in there.

  • canada

    what fight did this so called writer watch gsp out boxed diaz easy there nothing diaz could do, I was hoping diaz would fight but he got dominated from start to finish diaz can’t win a fight just standing there not throwing punches and he kept getting hit by gsp jab im so amazed that these fighters do not use a jab even in boxing a great boxer or fighter has a good jab, jabs win fights always when the fight is standing of course

  • Ian

    GSP fight. Aka safe boring fight

  • Blackula Jonez

    Did Diaz stuff the most GSP takedowns in his last couple of fights?

    Between rounds 4 and 5 Diaz stopped about 5 or 6 takedowns…i am beginning to wonder if Georges is starting to slip. He was still able to do his thing but something is definitely different.

  • Reverend Clint

    ^probably realized nick diaz has nothing for him

  • kwagnuth

    ^So George failed those takedowns on purpose? Yeah right.

  • iamphoenix

    This fight is a perfect example of why I lost interest in GSP. I can’t get pumped up for a dude who is satisfied with getting a win just by laying on top and doing shit with it. If he’s so dominating he should be destroying motherfuckers, not getting decisions. I don’t remember the last time GSP finished a fight.

  • Reverend Clint

    failed… no just gave up… maybe

  • canada

    why in the hell are people saying shit about gsp he did more to diaz than any other fighter ever did , diaz is the one who did nothing stop being being talking shit on the champ you all forget how he makes top level fighters look like nothing you will all see once again when he fights j Hendricks. and ben askren shut the hell up your not even good enough to be in the ufc keep dreaming about who you think you can beat .chump

  • kvelertak

    Glad it’s over. Wake me up with GSP gets his ass beat by Silva.

  • Nepal

    GSP vs. Hendriks. 50-45 GSP.

    Hendriks doesn’t have GSP’s speed. Hendriks will be taken down at will. Even if Hendriks does land a TD, his gnp was zero. If Condit could get up everytime, so can GSP.

    GSP’s only worry is the overhand left and he’ll avoid that by… you got it. TD plus TD plus TD. 50-45. Done.

    Maia, the same. He’ll beat Maia to the TD and will top control him. 50-45.

  • frickshun

    After Saturday night, I’m starting to think that Big Rig has a pretty good fucking shot. GSP HATES to get punched in the grill & Hendricks ain’t playing patty cake. Plus, he’s compact & has legit rasslin credentials. It will hit the ground but every new round is a chance to get back up.

    PS: Diaz legitimately stuffed some TD’s & I was shocked. That’s not a good sign for GSP if/when he fights Hendricks.