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GSP wants to fight in the Olympic Stadium

In the latest Georges St Pierre news, GSP’s knee continues to rehabilitate at it’s expected pace, setting our favorite French Canadian on the path to full on training in July and a return to the cage in November. Which just happens to be when the UFC returns to Montreal! How about that. If another hometown title defense wasn’t cool enough, Georges has an idea on how to make it even cooler:

“If they could do it, I would like to go to maybe Olympic Stadium,” St-Pierre said. “Roberto Duran fought Sugar Ray Leonard there back in the day. I would like to make the same thing happen. It would be history … It would be incredible to do that and it would pump me up even more.”

“It would be a challenge for me to beat the crowd of Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran,” added St-Pierre, who has already been part of a record-setting night when he headlined UFC 129 last April 30, which saw 55,724 packed into the Rogers Centre for the organization’s first-ever stadium show.

Leonard-Duran 1 had 46,317 in attendance, and the Olympic Stadium can hold up to 78,000 people. Yeah … it’s a cavernous beast of a building and would probably be pretty damn drafty by November. But maybe I’m not taking into account that global warming that totally doesn’t exist and hasn’t been responsible for Montreal’s recent balmy falls. Hell, in another decade Prime Minister St Pierre might be able to enjoy Rory MacDonald defending his belt outdoors in February while enjoying some freshly squeezed Canadian orange juice.

  • drunkenjunk

    well gsp, if you do your ped’s like a good boy you’ll be ready by then.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    Every time it snows Al Gore cries.

  • GluteusMaximus

    Every time someone gives a half a shit what all gore does, I’ll slaughter a child!

  • Ron Jeremy

    the stadium has a permanent roof at the moment and is heated. the hold expositions in the middle of winter like the auto show. oh wait, the roof collapsed onto one of these events dumping tons of ice and snow onto everything below. Then there is the small detail of giant truck sized chunks of cement falling onto people. Other than that its a great venue :)

    this is a video of another stadium but you get the idea:

  • GluteusMaximus

    Canadians do not have peaches, thats true.

    And there is nothing wrong with that!

  • GluteusMaximus

    “the stadium…”

    How do you say holy shit in french?!

  • GluteusMaximus

    How do you say holy shit in french?!

    (You know its totally cooler than saying it in anglish).

  • Reverend Clint

    fucking stadiums are so stupid.. the public ends up paying for them and not reaping any benefit

  • agentsmith

    I thought they’d condemned that place already.

  • iamphoenix