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GSP’s car impounded

While Georges St Pierre can certainly say that his training camp has been excellent, he can’t say the same about his entire Christmas vacation. Just days before leaving for Las Vegas, Georges was pulled over by the police and had his car impounded. The reason? Expired plates.

Of course, when you’re fucking rich like GSP, you just laugh that shit off and show up at the impound lot carrying a big sack with a dollar sign drawn on it. When that happened to me, I showed up at the subway station with a big sack full of pennies and nickels because I can’t afford the fucking fee to get my shit back out.

  • dragomort

    Impounded for out of date plates? Damn.

    If you get ahold of Hughes’ book you could have enough material for a year. Best. Excerpt. Eva.

  • Tommy

    I gotta say GSP is a hell of a fighter but a bit of a child. What, the stress of moving out of his parents left him too strasseled to remember to renew his plates? Also, they impound your shit for that?

  • fightlinker

    Oh yeah. They fine you 400 bucks + 150 tow fee + 75$ a day impound fee. They don’t actually tell you where the car is going, you have to pay the fine first to get the location of your car, and then you have to show up at the lot between 6am and 1pm to get your car. It’s a uber-ripoff, and yes I’ve had this happen to me before. And yes, I do ride the subway now.

    Quebec is full of fascists.

  • RoB

    Damn that suck. in california you get a fix it ticket that you dont have to fix.

  • Jemaleddin

    In Soviet Russia, Fedor impounds you! (Is the harping on Fedor getting old? Cause that wasn’t even funny and now I feel stupid… sorry.)

  • fightlinker

    He only impounds smaller cars.

  • j

    I wonder if GSP has GPS.

  • CFan

    He had to call a taxi… hahahahaha….

  • Jemaleddin

    @fl: oh, damn – that totally kicks my joke’s ass.