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Guy Mezger fries Salmon

MMANews has a pretty good breakdown of the HDNet conference call leading up to this week’s Reckless Abandon romance novel .. er, I mean MMA event! The conference call starts out with no one wanting to ask any questions to Andrew Simon, HDNet Fights’ CEO. Ouch. Dana White he is not. Then it moves on to Guy Mezger (who I think everyone just assumed ran shit), who had this to say about Sean Salmon:

Q. You mentioned earlier about Sean [Salmon] dropping out. This has been the second time Sean has had to drop out of an HDNets event. Can you talk a little about that?

A. “I think he makes some very poor decisions. It is very difficult for us to want to build in or around him for what I feel are irresponsible decisions. He lets his manager influence some of his decisions, and that I think is causing him to make some bad choices.”

One thing to note is that HDNet Fights has changed their contracts from “No fights 30 days before an event” to “No fights 60 days before or 30 days after an event”. No word yet on if this is being called the Salmon Clause.

  • Accomando

    Fried Salmon, classic.

  • ajadoniz

    Salmon Clause, sounds legit to me.

  • igorpunck

    Salmon clause, me like:)

  • Nick

    sounds like some fishy business…

  • Mobb Deep

    Another fucking Salmon post. What is it with you and this guy fightlinker?

  • Vale Nada

    Are you kidding me? His knock-outs are the most entertaining in mma! Hell, he’s got seizures n shit to boot!

  • Xavier

    “It is very difficult for us to want to build in or around him”

    Build in him? They running MMA or Extreme Makeover: Organ Edition?

    Somewhere Cuban is harvesting Frank Trigg’s liver.

  • hbdale309

    “No word yet on if this is being called the Salmon Clause.”

    They’re actually going to call it the Santa Clause.

  • Jonathan

    Sean seems to be making bad decisions…and he does not look good in fights against mediocre opponents even.

  • Beau

    HDNet Fights would be wise to not build their promotion around Sean Salmon. Who the hell builds their promotion around a scrub who is best known for giving other fighters highlight reel knockouts. Mayhem-Trigg is the only compelling fight I see on the horizon for that organization. By the way, Trigg is at -600 on bodog for his fight against Dewees. Maybe a Dewees-Salmon matchup for shittiest middleweight people have heard of is in the works.