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Happy Birthday, Esther Lin!


Years and years ago, a young MMA photographer named Esther Lin sent me an email saying “Hey you jerk! If you’re gonna use my pictures, at least give me some damn credit, huh?” And from there a friendship was born! Esther is by far the best MMA photographer in the biz, and it’s been great seeing her work being appreciated by the fans and those in the biz. From the stuff on her site All Elbows to her work with Showtime and Strikeforce to her UFC pictures on MMA Fighting, she’s shot a large percentage of the major combat sports moments over the past several years. Today is her birthday, so we decided what better way to commemorate than with a little retrospecticus featuring some of our favorite pics. Happy birthday, Esther!

A metric shit-ton of pics after the jump!


  • iamphoenix

    too much (vag)gina

  • fightlinker

    it was hard not including more Gina. Lots of peak ultra-hotness shots. Mreow

  • jackalmiller

    Happy birthday Esther.  We love your work.

    Now please dont go off and get huge mongoid boobs over night like tracey.  those things just look silly

  • G Funk

    Esther is hawt. I remeber when she used to post here. She was a staple in the forums for awhile. Happy B day girl!

  • Letibleu

    Happy b day Esther, thanks again for the beer holder, I still use it he he.

  • thingvolds

    that first pic mustve been taken right before the dp.

    oh and happy birthday

  • Redping

    1: that picture of kimbo is bad ass! holy shit that guys photogenic.

    2. is that a photo of that black guy who quit in the first episode of the last tuf season?

    3. apparently if you’re really good at jiujitsu you’ll live to be 400 years old and a walking corpse. jesus the oldest gracie really just doesn’t want to die, it must be those acai berries

  • iamphoenix

    unless you’re just being dumb helio gracie died a couple years back.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Happy birthday, Ms. Lin!  You are the best photographer in the business and you seem to be good peoples too!

  • allelbows

    @thingvolds – Zing! That was a good one.

  • CAP

    Yeah she good.

  • KrmtDfrog

    lol i’d completely forgotten about melvin costa

  • thingvolds

    nazis in mma are a very interesting breed, especially the guys who make it to respectable promotions. the first one i ever knew about was this guy who fought jeremy horn like ten years ago in extreme challenge. he had nazi tats and if i recall correctly, wore a hitler t shirt in his prefight interview. he schooled horn on the feet, but once horn took him to the ground it was a bloody massacre that made the cover of fcf. i should rip that fight to my hd and post it. oh and he was from canadia (no surprise)