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Happy birthday Kendall Grove!

It was Kendall Grove’s birthday party last night, and he spent the whole night with his arms up in the air like he just don’t care. Lets hope he remembers to keep those hands up next time he fights because he kinda forgot to do that against Patrick Cote. Happy birthday, Hawaiian gangsta … here’s hoping you make it through another year!

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain)

    Happy birthday bra

  • fightlinker

    Oh … forgot to say this in the post : DAAAAGGEEEEEEEER!!!


  • c-ing_red

    Dude, do we really give a fuck? Please tell me that you don’t……this is about the only thing worth reading on the net in regards to MMA. Say it ain’t so joe……….

  • Xavier

    Yes, bloggers should only blog about things you want blogged about, internet douchebag.

  • stellar53


  • c-ing_red

    Touche Xavier – anonymous internet douche bags are much better……..

    To linker – sorry, I missed the sarcasm of your post.

  • Swedish guy

    That dagger bullshit was probably the most annoying things in the history of televised television, and it’s the reason for my furious hate against Mr. Grove. FUCK OFF GROVE SOB.

  • el feo

    socal chapter of…team daggerrrr

  • John

    Yo is that one of the new fightlinker shirts Mr. Grove is sporting?

  • stellar53

    Yeah…where is my fightlinker shirt?

  • intenso

    I would rather have Kendall’s dagger bullshit than 90% of other fighters corny ass country jock psudo-bravado.


  • Ted Dibiase


  • Mobb Deep

    Sharp objjjjjjjjjeeeeeccccttt

  • frickshun

    I like the pic. Every time I see it, I lean into my monitor & try to hug him back. He’s saying “I’m really sorry for getting knocked out by a guy that punches in slow motion”. It’s okay Kendall, I forgive you. (by the way, my daughter’s name is Kendall which is fitting b/c I have knocked her out)

  • Jonathan

    You guys are lame for wishing him a happy B-Day…what is he, 7?

  • kentyman

    Nothing says hardcore like a t-shirt with a skull, eagle wings, and paisley leaves.