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The Happy Hour Episode 55: Strikeforce / WEC / Strikeforce

We catch up on Ontario allowing MMA to suckle at it’s ample teat, the Strikeforce Women’s Tournament, my crush on Finish albino Maiju Kujala, and selected WEC fights. We also look forward to Strikeforce: Houston and all the enjoyable set-ups on that card.

  • Night Rider

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  • Carol

    I would expect them to cheer for the fihtegr they want to win. If they were chanting: Hendo! , Hendo! it would have been fine. It’s not about the USA, not about Brazil or any other nation any of the fihtegrs were born. It’s about two fihtegrs trying to be the best. Cheer for the fihtegr you want to win, but leave the stupid Nationalistic nonsense out of the cage please!

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  • XRumerTest

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  • NanoReabe