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HBO: Home of the mismatch

(the inevitable result of Pavlik/Lockett – while the fight wasn’t really worth watching, I feel like I got my time’s worth out of this hot shot of the ref shaking his booty)

Seconds Out has a novella about how HBO has been blowing tons of money and sucking things up left and right. I was following along for the first few thousand words but then things got too deep up in dollar signs and Nielsen ratings so I checked out. If you work for NASA you might be able to make heads or tails of it. But if you work for NASA then what the hell are you doing reading this site? Go figure out how to keep bits of styrofoam from blowing up space shuttles, asshole!

But if you’re NOT from NASA, then you can still enjoy this quote from the start of the article talking about all the squash matches HBO has been putting on:

But mismatches still plague HBO. On April 12, 2008, the network televised Miguel Cotto vs. Alfonso Gomez as half of a doubleheader on HBO World Championship Boxing. Cotto entered the ring a 12-to-1 favorite. Blow-by-blow commentator Jim Lampley labeled the bout “a full-scale annihilation.” Dan Rafael of wrote. “Cotto was never remotely challenged by Gomez.” Nor was there a chance that he would be.

Three weeks later, Oscar De La Hoya was an 18-to-1 favorite over Stevie Forbes. The fight was contested at 150 pounds, although Forbes is a junior-welterweight, whose best days were in the super-featherweight division. Before the bout, Tim Dahlberg of the Associated Press wrote, “Forbes knows his role in this farce. His job is to make De La Hoya feel like a champion again. Forbes was carefully selected for the purpose of building De La Hoya up so that he and potential future ticket buyers might forget his recent struggles in the ring.”

On June 7th, HBO World Championship Boxing will televise Kelly Pavlik against Gary Lockett; a fight in which Pavlik is a 15-to-1 favorite.

Mind you, this ignores the large amount of non-squash matches that HBO has televised, mostly featuring 110 pound fighters from Mexico and Puerto Rico and such (you haven’t watched boxing till you’ve watched these kind of guys box). But you can’t argue that the big name fighters are all being fucking vaginas and HBO isn’t doing anything to make sure they’re not setting up lame one sided fights.

  • Carcass

    Shouldn’t it be 1-18 odds, rather than 18-1? 18-1 means that for a $1 stake, I get $19 back…

  • Omomatta

    It’s nice to see someone from my area that isn’t a total waste.

  • clint notestine

    for every $18 you bet you get a $1 back.

  • Carcass

    …yes, which makes it 1-18

    Although technically, you’d get $19 back, as you get your stake as well.

  • demonianray

    I’m from P.R and this is the reason why I prefer MMA over boxing, those non squash matches are never televised…fuck.

  • Tommy

    In boxing you have #1 mandatory fights. There are people you Have to fight to set up other fights. Not every fight in boxing is a war. Which is one of the reasons they give it away. To build the name of that fighter and showcase his talent for a large PPV against a real contender down the road. It’s a business model that works very well.

  • Tommy

    Then again look at the Ponce de Leon vs. Lopez fight. That shouldn’t have been a 1 round wipe out, but it was.

  • Docvelvet

    Gary Shaw is using the boxing template in MMA in the way he is promoting Kimbo Slice. He will put him in against tomato cans to build his record and to build hype. We as fans will have to sit through this shit. That is why I root against Kimbo hoping Gary’s little plan falls to pieces.

  • esther

    dare I put a shameless plug for my little ballad to the boxing can? nah.

    OK. Sure!

    I love me.

  • esther

    Do I dare shamelessly plug my own lil’ bit on boxing cans?

    I do.

  • kentyman

    Dare you plug for a third time? ;)