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Okay for those of you not cool enough to be in the know, HCF = Hardcore Championship Fighting … these are the guys who just brought Aleks E. to Canada and have signed other big name talent like Babalu over the past two months. MFC = Maximum Fighting Championships, a decently big Alberta promotion that has been doing pretty well over the past year or two. LOL is what you’ll do when you see the letter HCF owner Keith Crawford sent to every sanctioning body he could to try and sabotage MFC’s next main event:

On November 23, 2007 MFC High Roller is set to take place at the River Cree Resort and Casino in Enoch Alberta. On this card the River Cree Combative Sports Commission has sanctioned a fight between Shonie Carter (Sherdog Record, 37-17-7, Full Contact Fighter Record, 73-16-7-fights actually listed) and Brad Zazulak (2-0). Sanctioning any athlete with 96 fights and a wealth of cage/ring experience against an athlete with 2 fights is nothing short of ludicrous. This ridiculous mismatch could result in serious injury or death to the less experienced athlete and I feel our sport would be left holding the liability bag.

The ABC and the CPBF should step into this situation and put their foot down. Yes….I know that commission dances to their own drummer; sets their own rules and has omnipotent rule over everything that takes place on their land but surly sanctioning bodies that oversee the rules they utilize can have some power. The fact that you have been warned about this travesty places some of the liability on your shoulders.

Okay, so sabotage is a strong word. Crawford is in the right when he says this is a retarded matchup. But still, promoter wars are always entertaining and this is just the latest one between Canadian promoters. Considering this country is so fucking big and desolate, you would imagine there’d be a lot less toe-stepping going on, but that’s definitely not the case.

I’ll give Crawford the benefit of the doubt and assume he really thinks Shonie Carter could potentially kill his opponent. But I’m not gonna be a stupid idiot and assume this isn’t really just another example of MFC and HFC hating the fuck out of eachother.

  • Atom

    Posts like this are why I read this blog.

    (graciemag says Werdum x Gonzaga @ UFC80)

  • Rory

    They are turning that Aleks-headlined HCF show into four one hour blocks of TV programming. I saw one of their shows cut up from the Joe Riggs event and they had two fights in a fuckin hour. If this is how they plan to distribute their TV content, its gonna be a rough ride for HCF.

  • Mr. Theplague

    Shonie couldn’t kill a thai pad these days.

  • kentyman

    “surly [sic] sanctioning bodies”. Nice.

  • kermit.01

    Someone will have to post up a link to that fight when it gets posted on the net.. If only there were a blog dedicated to the linking of fights..

  • nem0

    Dude, they actually have decent promotions in Alberta? I gotta keep better track of this shit. Edmonton and Calgary are totally within road trip distance.

  • Ted Dibiase

    shonie carter celebratory pelvis thrusts are worth the trip alone

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