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HDNet gets in bed with the IFL

Looks like we’ve now got three NYE shows to watch this year:

In a exclusive, HDNet Fights President/Commissioner, Guy Mezger, announced that the 12/29 IFL World Grand Prix Finals would air live on HDNet. Mezger is still unsure as to whether or not they will also air on MyNetwork TV but he believes his network will be the sole carrier of the event. This is part of a new agreement where HDNet will begin airing IFL events come 2008.

So it looks like HDNet will be doing the live broadcasting for the IFL here on in. Whether this is a good deal or not won’t be known until the IFL releases the info on how much/little HDNet is paying for these rights. Hopefully new el presidente Jay Larkin hasn’t given it away for free like the two stooges did with Fox Sports.

Also unknown is the level of support and teamwork that will exist between the IFL and HDNet. Remember, HDNetFights bent over and fucked their last partners at Art of War by poaching Guy Mezger from them and dropping future events from the HDNetFights roster. So who knows … perhaps they just plan on sucking the IFL dry and tossing the carcass away once they’re done.

  • Lifer

    I still don’t understand why they would put a competing card against a UFC card? They’re delusional.

    The only way they could convince me to watch this is if they are smart enough to put Don Frye in the booth and finish off the show with Dear Don vs. The Hotness in another hockey brawl.

  • Mobb Deep

    Thats what I was thinking. Lets see, should I watch Chuck vs Wandy or Someoneski vs Whateverchek?

  • fightlinker

    haha Mobb +10000000

  • Shiruba

    Don’t you mean four events. Yarennoka!, Dynamite!!, UFC and IFL.

  • fightlinker

    Yeah I had forgotten about K1 Dynamite in all the huzz-buzz :-p Dumb fightlinker! bad! bad!

  • Lifer

    Torrent overload imo.

  • Swedish guy

    WTF is up with everybody calling the 29th of december NYE? By the time it’s NYE for realz I’ll be having mma abstinence once again.
    And by the way, isn’t the IFL show supposed to air like two hours earlier than the UFC show, just so that people are able to watch both? Like anybody would, LOLZ OMG!!!1!

  • kentyman

    Lets see, should I watch Chuck vs Wandy or Someoneski vs Whateverchek?