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Hell hath no fury like a pissed off Chuck

What better way of paying tribute to the king of poon than by including the man himself in our latest comic. When Chuck Liddell isn’t busy getting his fingernails painted by naked writhing women, he’s out there training in the dubious hope of being light heavyweight champion once again. If it’s any comfort, Chuck: we can’t imagine a man we admire more. You’re rich, You’re famous, you lay more rug than a carpet installer. Yet you still somehow find the need to spend most of your time training to fight scrubs like Rashad Evans.

  • JackalAss

    The comics need to be funnier guys!

  • Zurich

    Very funny. I can’t wait for the next story line… you know that Jake must put his talents to work on drawing Tito’s head. Maybe a Tito-Jenna-Chuck tie-in? If Jenna’s fucked every man on the planet and Chuck’s fucked every vagina on the planet (maybe even some faux-vag), you know there’s got to be a cross over there somewhere.

  • dulljake

    Jenna has only fucked the same 300 guys over and over again. She’s only a porn actress. She does it for the money. Chuck does it because he has no other choice…

  • Smitler

    Chuck does it as a gift to woman-kind.

  • Card
  • Lifer

    jesus christ his oompa-loompa concubine follows him everywhere!

  • HexRei

    why did you draw chuck with an elbow piercing?

  • Fightlinker is Wrong