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Hellooooooo nurse!

With all the fighters working hard to promote the crap out of UFC 148, it’s nice to see the ring girls doing their part too. Aka wandering around in skimpy outfits with their tits hanging out. Aaaaw yeah. Above: Arianny Celeste at the beach care of the Superficial. Many more of those pics there, and after the jump several more pics of Arianny and Brittany looking sexy.

The ladies dropped into the offices of to do a big silly photoshoot. 26 more pics of that over there.

  • kvelertak

    FAKE B00bs

  • Grizzled Toilet

    God i would love to smell their farts!!!

  • Mooch

    Last picture got me thinking bout marriage

  • PooCommander

    So who wins 125 pounds of chewed bubblegum?!

    One of you bastards has some money!

    And we’ll need video evidence as proof of purchase!

  • sharaab

    Dear Arianny,

    I will gladly take the place of your previous Indian abusive boyfriend. Just please let me suck on dem globules.
    A better looking Indian dude

  • PooCommander

    My pants remain un-shitted!

  • noiseless

    moar fat.

  • PooCommander

    I like that top pic!

    All Filipino girls!

  • Dirty Dirty

    We need some more feet pics of those two.

  • voice of reason

    i will never understand why she dated that rapist looking abusive  indian when she can have anyone ….models, millionaires, etc

  • PooCommander

    Much betta bargain!

  • Reverend Clint

    litle do you know voice of reason… that indian guy has made millions in the curry biz. They call him the “curry king”