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Help us build a better Fightlinker

One of the great things about being owned by a GIANT EVIL MEDIA CONGLOMERATE is they take care of some of the things I suck at. Those of you who have been around since 2006 know that I have been diligently working towards making the site worse and worse with crazy upgrades to strange platforms. Who doesn’t fondly remember all that frame madness, xvi code, and most recently the slow ass glitchy drupal? Well, the days of old and busted are nearly behind us as our corporate sugar daddies are in the middle of creating a slick new site for us.

What I’d love to hear from you guys is comments on what you’d like to see and what you think we can improve on. Generally across the site, but also specifically when it comes to commenting and forum stuff. We’d really like to make it as easy and simple and enjoyable for you guys to comment and participate in the new site (for once), so to do that we’d love any advice or thoughts. What site does comments best? What features make commenting less of a hassle?

2012 is gonna be a big year for Fightlinker and the new website is going to be a big part of that. We’d love to have input from the jackals so we don’t screw it up!

  • iamphoenix

    does this mean the current threads in the forums are gonna go away?

  • glassjawsh

    never ever get rid of the edit option. that shits a life saver.

    bring back my forums

    oh and front page the subo v glassjawsh UFC 141 Cerrone v Diaz piss-drank of never ending shame bet. the masses must know

  • fightlinker

    we can try n save em, we’re moving from drupal back to wordpress so it wouldn’t be super simple but it might not be too hard either

  • G Funk

    Yes, my forums PLEASE. I dont mind the new commenting format as it’s easy to imbed videos and pics in the comment so keep the imbed feature around.

  • Symbul

    No more forums, some moderation in comments. Not because I’m offended or appalled but because a few goons talking shit make other people not want to touch it with a 10′ pole.

    More Ronda though. I think you need to set Jake up with a tree hide and a camera to get us more material.

  • iamphoenix

    symbul…i’m sorry. i don’t know where you can find longer poles…

  • frickshun

    I have some great ideas!! Let’s go to a pure forum format…..for Simpul. Let’s make the site a portal for kitten gifs & Dick’s articlulz. Let’s change the URL to Let’s embed full episodes of Law & Order: SVU on the main page b/c be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a good rape story? Let’s trade fancy appetizer recipes. Let’s teach each other about tolerance & orgasms. Let’s watch Iron Monkey & do a chat @ the same time. Let’s share in Ryan’s wealth. No, not financial wealth you fucking dummies. He’s only rich in spirit.

  • Reverend Clint

    a like or thumbs up button would be cool

  • Shibo

    Symbul said:

    No more forums, some moderation in comments. Not because I’m offended or appalled but because a few goons talking shit make other people not want to touch it with a 10′ pole.

    /\   This. We rarely get new people to comment/join the community because they get blasted by a certain few whenever they try.


    Also, a permanent chat tab/button/link on the front page.


    integrated chat which requires standard login with same address

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I’d agree with most of the basic stuff mentioned.  Plus spam controls.

    /\   This. We rarely get new people to comment/join the community because they get blasted by a certain few whenever they try.

    Its a good thing cats like you two will speak up and contribute something positive instead.

  • frickshun

    Don’t worry sissy faggots…….you won’t have ol’ frick to kick around much longer. My office blocked all sport sites. HAHAHAHA I know this barely qualifies as a sport site. But it’s still blocked.

    Also, Shibo & Simpul meant to go to BE but accidentally logged on to FL.

  • Reverend Clint

    buncha whiney fags in here… maybe have a rainbow forum for them

  • glassjawsh

    ^ that SUCKS

    especially since most of us hardcorez show up half because of the lulz guys like you bring. you guys have cultivated a culture around here that I dig. it takes a second to adjust buy once you grow a set this place is great.

  • ChubbyChaser

    Your bread an butter used to be your radio shows. U guys were awesome (2008 style when you were motivated). Now you’re a couple of limp dicks that can’t get it together. I have to get radio content from Sherdog lameness because you guys can’t bring yourselves to do 1 show a week. Do some fucking radio shows and then worry about fluff.

  • Blackula Jonez

    a like or thumbs up button would be cool


    Yes it would.


    Gonna miss having ol’ frick to kick around.

  • Reverend Clint

    hey frick get a phone with internet you wealthy bitch

  • dola

    Not to make mofos heads get bigger, but I have to confirm know what you all already know, FL has easily the funniest regular comment[er]s in the MMAverse*. So yeah don’t blow it and alienate any of these guys.


  • noiseless

    i hate change, it makes me feel vulnerable. but more podcasts maybe..?

  • Omomatta

    I agree about the “my forums” button. I also support that you tagged this as a sports site. Frick makes me cry in my Capri Sun.

    I swear Ryan, if you moderate this site, I won’t let you give me a free membership any more…..

  • CAP

    No need to eliminate the forums just don’t go there if you can’t handle it. “My Forums” would be nice I agree.

    The Full HTML option for commenting seems to work well already I wouldn’t change much there.

    I would also charge $20 for podcasts that never happen! I kid, I kid.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    can sugar daddy fix your microphone, tardiness and laziness?

  • dick

    There should be more discussion of pooping. I hardly ever read about pooping on here anymore, at least from the other contributors.

    Also, full IE9 compatibility without having to switch back and forth between compatibility mode (to post/comment) and not compatibility mode (to view the front page without glitches) would be nice.

  • CAP


  • G Funk

    Why am I not surprised that Shitbo wants to abolish the forums and run the site like Castro?  I’m sure Rimjob backs him up. Fags.

    What happened to symbul in the forums that scared him away like a child who played with pedo bear?

    You guys played right into Frick’s jew tactics. Now he feels “special” and “needed”.

  • iamphoenix

    Don’t forget about me too guys i’m leaving you all next year. it’s gonna be an iamphoenixless forums!!

    I just find it hilarious that people cry about not being accepted into the secret jackal commenter club…I doubt me or anybody else actually has that much influence on who becomes a member of the site and comments… And FL already set the precedence in my eyes even before I started posting here of being this place where you can say anything because it’s all a joke and in good fun. We just leave it up to you if you get the joke and if you don’t, then too fucking bad. But whatever.

    If there was a moderator here I promise you I would be banned in one week. And everyone else. All that would be left is Ryan’s crushed dreams, you (the moderator) and losers shedding IRL tears about stupid podcasts. You know what’s better than a podcast? A fucking video show. Like the one it took Ryan and Jake 6 years to make because Canada is in some slowed down altered time dimension. So in Canadian years, that FL show took them 2 weeks to produce.

    And a thumbs up/down for comments because sometimes I get too lazy to write how much I don’t like certain commenters comments. But instead of a thumb, like, dildos or something because that’s awesome.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    It’s fully compatible with IE9 once you run another browser.  Use a flashdrive at work or somethin’.

  • fightlinker

    Cool, thanks for the suggestions :-) And all the compliments

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    +1 for comment voting, people get obsessed with it and it’s fun

  • Letibleu

    Penix, get shot in the foot or something…