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Hendo’s thoughts on Anderson Silva’s “injuries”


  • thingvolds

    while it is true that andersons injuries are suspect, it is also true that dan is delusional thinking he belongs in a cage with anderson ever again. chael deserves it more, seeing as he intentionally threw the first fight. what is dan’s excuse for getting the piss choked out of him in two rounds?

    no matter what kind of statements dan makes on twitter, he doesn’t deserve a fight with anderson for any other reason than it might make some money. andersons ignoring of this senile old man and his double reverse trolling of the lying cheating politician are beautiful to watch, even for someone whose admiration for anderson has cooled greatly in the past few years.

  • Reverend Clint

    i think exposed andersons weak spot… wrestling. anderson re-exposed chaels… submissions. I think hendo would do better now but still mprobably not beat him.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Maybe Anderson’s allergic to juicebags?

  • Jemaleddin

    Hendo is right, but only because Anderson could beat Bisping with two broken arms. 


    I’m curious though – what does Hendo think that turning 41 will have done to his game that will let him stand a chance against Silva? 

  • agentsmith

    Silva is not afraid of Chael… he’s just refusing to let Chael write the script.  Anyone willing to dance around for 25 minutes just to punk his opponent (and by extension, his employer) can tell when someone’s trying to troll him.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I’m curious though – what does Hendo think that turning 41 will have done to his game that will let him stand a chance against Silva?

    His doctor has finally got his levels right?  Oh no, wait, he can punch hard now.  That’ll get Anderson, right?

  • Jemaleddin

    Oh no, wait, he can punch hard now.  That’ll get Anderson, right?

    Serious question: when was the last time we saw Anderson rocked? Ever?

  • Letibleu

    Chael, Maia both rocked him.

  • subo

    I’m not counting Dan Henderson out of anything.

  • Alex

    about Sonnon was true. Also Sonnon is a biggot and a raicst fuck. I wonder what the UFC would do if someone from somewhere else talked shit about how they thought the US was nothing but a bunch of dumb hicks like you see on tv. Either dumb ugly uneducated rednecks or dumb drunk uneducated assholes and sluts. That’s the equalent of what Sonnon said about Brazil and what he thought because that’s what he’s seen and idk where he was looking at info from Brazil, the people living in the amazon have more technology then he thought was even there. But nothing from the UFC, yet people are getting in trouble for saying something on twitter. Which is a limited audience Lol. This guy is saying that at press conferences and everywhere online/tv. That’s a joke and the UFC should be ashamed not so money hungry. But imagine is Overeem would have said all the worst most ignorant things about the US? Think he would have a contract still even after the roids and legal problems? Guess who’s had legal problems, convicted, and uses roids doesn’t sound like a model person to have representing the US. Your makin it so much about country, well if it is then we are failing at the people we have representing us, this one is a convicted criminal, known lier and biggot/racist (those things were raicst not funny), and roid abuser (not user like he claims, not that much is needed for to life to be normal). This a fight between 2 pros (one true pro one poser) and that is it dumbass. Don’t make this into more then it is. You sound like a chick, like everything had a double meaning. Grow some balls and get off of Sonnons nuts. Look at who your defending. Lol. A fuck up and totally disrespecting the respectable fighter. All bitch shit.

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