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Here Comes Ronda Boo Boo

Having spent the majority of her tween, teens, and early adulthood in a neverending cycle of international judo events, Ronda Rousey probably never got to do a lot of regular teenage girl things like jump around in front of the camera being a doofus. She’s making up for that now, though. Following up on her oeuvre ‘Ronda Rousey Armbars a Vacuum Cleaner’ we now have ‘Here Comes Ronda Boo Boo’, an MMA take on the most ‘Murica show in ‘Murica.

  • Dave Hulk

    That Rhonda is so awesome. She uses no roids and her bod is so hot. Her lips look so kissable.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I’m glad she’s smart enough to know this is terrible. She might be smart enough to keep winning.

  • As to why people want to fuck a chick that has the body of a dude is beyond me.

  • frickshun

    WTF is up w/the ever changing commenting system???

    Ronda’s attempt at humor is SUPER FUCKING LAME.