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Hermes Franca picks the perfect time to start his own team

Showing the awesome good sense that led him to take an unmaskable steroid weeks before his title bout with Sean Sherk, Hermes Franca has decided to leave The Armory. Who else is in the Armory? Kurt Pelligrino and Rich Crunkilton, plus a bunch of Brazilian guys who are probably pretty good at jiu-jitsu.

Leaving your team to start your own school is all well and good, but here’s why its stupid:

1) You just got suspended for using steroids. There is no better time to strike off on your own. Not.

2) You’re starting a team called Team Hermes Franca. That’s fucking lame. Why not just call it TEAM ME. And while there’s no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’, there’s ‘HERMES FRANCA’ so everyone else can eat shit. Plus with a name like that, good luck finding high profile guys to stick around. As well, see point 1: trying to market a new school using the name of a busted steroid user … not all publicity is good publicity.

  • Kris Karkoski

    Looks like he’s copying Gurgel naming the team after himself.

  • steve24

    Hopefully he brings some of those BJJ guys along. Your only as good as who you train with.

  • Zurich

    Team Wandy is even a better name than Team Hermes (which rhymes with Herpes btw) Franca

  • kentyman

    “Brazilians are good at jiu-jitsu” is the new “Asians are good at math”.

    What’s the new “Asians drive like women”?

  • Leland Roling

    Yeah, all Hermes needs now is photos of him hugging on scantily clad Vegas girls, then he can enjoy the moniker, Team Herpes Franca for life.

  • nem0

    What’s the new “Asians drive like women”?

    Women drive like Brazilians?

  • kentyman

    So transitively, Asians drive like Brazilians?

    You just blew my mind.

  • Xavier

    Can’t blame Hermes, he was going to name it Hermes Intensive Training Squad but got beat to the punch by Hughes.

    Then he realized that Team Hermes Franca is ten times better than that crap.

    Seriously, you can’t blame him for taking steroids for the reason he did: See Karo precedent on losing title shots due to injuries.

  • Zurich

    #5, clearly then Hermes should hook up with Chuck… he knows his way around the Vegas herpes…

  • Accomando

    “…Seriously, you can’t blame him for taking steroids for the reason he did..See Karo precedent on losing title shots due to injuries…”


    Hermes took roids so he could try and compete with Sherks strength, because he knew that sherk was on roids too.

    Pretty obvious, isn’t it?

  • Xavier

    Uh, that’s incorrect according to all published reports. Franca got injured and didn’t want to lose his title shot. Comes from the man himself and others from his camp.

    Most “taken out of someone’s ass” conjecture like you’re spouting is hardly “pretty obvious.”

  • Accomando

    “…Comes from the man himself and others from his camp…”

    Its just a story he made up to make himself sound better.

  • kermit_01

    It is better than H.I.T. Squad..

  • Thorazine

    Hermes should work on his “How to cheat the steriod test ” game..
    At least Sherk got it down to 12 ng/ml, he needs some improvement on his “steroid game” as well.

    A list of fighters band for drugs over the last year or so:
    picked up from another website.

    Sean Sherk (nandrolone)
    Hermers Franca (drostanolone)
    Royce Gracie (nandrolone)
    Tim Sylvia (stanozolol)
    Stephan Bonnar (boldenone)
    Phil Baroni (boldenone and stanozolol)
    Tim Persey (methamphetamines)
    Kevin Randleman (faked urine sample)
    Vitor Belfort (nandrolone)
    Pawel Nastula (nandrolone)
    Bas Rutten (hydrocodone)
    Ricco Rodriguez (cocaine and marijuana)
    Kimo Leopoldo (stanozolol)
    Melvin Guillard (cocaine)
    Lodune Sincaid (marijuana)
    Nick Diaz (marijuana)

  • Audacity

    I don’t quite think people understand why Hermes Franca took the roids. There are two simple reasons: he was injured and needed the money to live. Most people seem to think that since Chuck makes $500,000 for losing that other fighters are rich…and yet bitch about the UFC not paying out enough. Hermes Franca needed the losing (or winning) purse to feed his family. He could have showed up and thrown in the towel in the first round due to injury, but that would have made him look like a bigger tool and probably shoot him way down the ranks. If Hermes wanted to use them to beat Sherk, why would he say BEFORE the results came back that he would test positive? That would clearly mean stripping the title, so clearly he didn’t do it to win. Think about a fighter’s family for once. How would you like it if your dad got injured during training right before a fight and said, “Sorry son, we won’t be eating dinner tonight.”