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Hermes Franca’s jailhouse letter of love and faith

The last we heard of Hermes Franca, he’d just been arrested for ‘seven counts of Sexual Abuse in the first degree (ORS.163.427) as well as two counts of Unlawful Sexual Penetration in the second degree (ORS.163.408).’ In layman’s terms, “second degree unlawful sexual penetration in Oregon means penetration by something other than the mouth or penis of a girl under the age of 14.” So basically, child diddling.

There’s not many details past that other than the fact that the girl in question was apparently a student at his school. Hermes will have a chance to defend himself in court someday … until then, he’s sitting in an Oregon jail, which is where he wrote this letter:


This is not a statement regarding my current legal situation. On these matters I must trust I God and the United States Judicial System.  I believe that in time the truth will prevail, as it always does.  I am releasing this statement to assure you all that I am safe!  With peace and serenity in my heart I write these words:

In the year 2000 I arrived in the United States with $300, spoke very little English and had a dream bigger than most.

Over the past decade I have had an “unbelievable” life, and “unbelievable” MMA career.  God has granted me the privilege of traveling to many beautiful places, meeting numerous wonderful people and I have personally witnessed dreams come true… My Dreams! I tell you the truth when I say, I am blessed!

I recently read a quote by David Goetz that stated, “Too much of the good life ends up being toxic, deforming us spiritually.” Wow!  This honestly hits home in my heart.  I am ashamed to admit that along the way I lost sight of what is truly important I life, God and unconditional love for my family and friends.  These are the things that should matter.

I admit that at times I have been selfish, sometimes acting as if I knew what was better for my life than God himself.  I am sorry for this behavior and I have much regret. Drinking, women, parties, all part of a lifestyle that has led to my failing as a husband, a father, a dreamer.

I am now a man with very little freedom.  Still, I am a human being, a son of God, a fighter at heart.  I will not let this keep me down.

Lastly, I would like to share with you some important things I have learned. Put God above all, find your passion, and follow your heart.  Respect all women and men in your life.  Respect yourself enough to take care of yourself and your family. “God is Love”.

You are in my prayers. Please continue to pray for me. I love you all.

 God Bless,

Hermes Franca

“Fear not.  Be of good cheer.  The future is as bright as your faith.”  Thomas S. Monson

Goddamn, how someone rotting in prison with the worst accusation hovering over his head can be so positive is beyond me. I guess all things are possible through Christ and all that jazz, but if I were Hermes I’d be less than impressed with the plan God seems to have me. I’d be sending prayer daggers into celestial space every night hoping one of them gets Big J right in the junk. Then again, I know for a fact I haven’t inserted ‘something other than the mouth or penis’ into a fourteen year old since I was fifteen.

  • P W

    So, he admits to everything, did I read that right?

  • fightlinker

    It breaks down into four key messages:

    “I’m safe” <– aka not getting assreamed in jail

    “Truth will prevail” <– the stuff you’ve heard isn’t true

    “I’m not perfect” <– you’re probably gonna hear some bad stuff

    “Jesus is the way” <– if you don’t have a pot to piss in, let Jesus be the pot

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    This is a really fucked up situation.

    I like Hermes a lot (at least up until the charges) and he seemed like a pretty good guy. Even when he tested positive for steroids he manned up and admitted it. He also flew back from Brazil to face the charges when I’m sure he could have disappeared just as easily. So, I’d like to believe that he is innocent but there must be some very serious statements and some kind of evidence to have him locked up until the trial.

    However, should a 36 year old really be rolling with a 14 year old girl? I know he’s the instructor, but all this mess (guilty or innocent) could have been avoided if he got another female student to be the minor’s partner for any intimate contact/grappling. I’m all for men training with women, but when the woman is a 14 year old girl and the man is a 36 year old UFC fighter (former) it just seems like a terrible idea to be rolling with them. Any normal 36 year old man would realize the inappropriate nature involved in grappling with a minor of the opposite sex and would know better.

    So did he sexually assault the minor? Not sure, and I’m hoping it’s an unintentional misunderstanding by an oblivious instructor and an embarrassed student. But either way I’m sure that he must have crossed some kind of line to be up on seven charges of assault from a former student. Seven – wow.

  • Rob2Kx

    MMAdam, I have to disagree with you whole heartedly on that one. MMA is a sport, and jiu-jitsu has absolutely no sexual connotations except in the minds of old politicians and people who don’t have any interest in the sport. Could have been an 80 year old rolling with a 12 year old. Who cares?

    And in regards to that letter… I didn’t hear a whole lot of denying going on…

  • Morghen

    @Rob: I’m a teacher and I’ve posted on here about how great it is banging high school chicks, but here’s the truth:

    If you’re a dude and you’re in a position where you work with underage girls, YOU DON’T TOUCH THEM ANYWHERE ON THEIR ENTIRE BODIES.

    Seriously, the most I touch the girls in my classes is with a high-five. I tell my students that the first time they’ll ever get a hug from me is after they graduate.

    I agree that jitz has no sexual connotations other than the fact that OH MY GOD THAT’S A 35-YEAR OLD MAN PUTTING A 7TH-GRADER IN A TRIANGLE.

  • Redping

    There’s a couple of younger (not minors, like 18-22) girls at my gracie gym, and nobody is weird about rolling with them. Rolling is just rolling, i could do it with a gay dude and there’d be no sexual connotations. Unless i felt boner i guess. Anyway hermes is obviously a bit fucked up, and being fabric away from underage pussy mustve driven him off the deep end and raged up his inner pedo

  • P W

    If was wrongfully accused of something like this, I’d make it pretty damn clear and explicit in my statement that I’m innocent. I wouldn’t write that I’ve been deformed spiritually, acting selfish and like I was God, that I’ve failed, and that I have much to regret, unless I was as guilty as OJ.

    I think we were all waiting for an explanation a long the lines of: “You all know what it’s like when you roll, things accidentally end up if someone else’s orifices all the time! It’s all a big misunderstanding!” We would accept that.

  • Redping

    yeah except Gi pants tend to be pretty well designed. Maybe Franca invented his own shoddy Gi’s where they repeatedly tore open on the crotch region, in kids size obviously

  • G Funk

    Guilty until proven innocent the grimy fondler…

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I wonder if he’s going to jail for not wearing a cup and THEN getting a boner?

  • P W

    Redping: What do you mean, aren’t all gis crotchless? Or is it only like that at the place I train, “Happy Rainbow Men’s Steam Saunas and Grappling Club”?

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    @ Rob – to be honest, no one knows the circumstances. But Hermes wasn’t charged by a professional or even an enthusiastic teen. He was charged by a 14 (or younger) year old girl. Girls should roll with boys if they’re going to be in the class – I agree, just not with boys who are 36 year old professional athletes that will be rubbing themselves all over their bodies/genitals.

    If this was a case of a 17 year old amateur male being charged by a female minor, I would think differently about the circumstances – especially within the context of the sport. All I’m saying is if you’re going to put your body in a position where it could indirectly be considered genital penetration (whether you’re teaching the class or not), maybe your rolling partner shouldn’t be 22 years younger than you and female. He should know that this could have turned out poorly – especially if the girl is new to the sport AND underage.

    Also – if Hermes was going to roll intimately with the girl, maybe it would have been a good idea to have a class full of students watching the demonstration that can attest that Hermes was only teaching normal ju-jitsu practices. I’m a professional sound recordist and I hide mics on actresses every day. Often I have to hide pack on thighs, inner legs, in bras etc and I always make sure to have a makeup artist/wardrobe girl present for MY protection. I still don’t think he should have been rolling with her at all, but if he did (repeatedly) maybe it would have been a good idea to get some people gathered around while he’s doing it.

    As for him not denying, I’m sure his lawyers read that letter a few times before he posted it. Generally they don’t want you to say anything about the case whether it’s denying the charges or not. Any info that may leak out in Hermes refuting the charges could be used against him.

  • nickborg

    Hermes ends his letter with a quote by the current president and prophet of the LDS (Mormon) church. I didn’t know he rolled that way. 

  • CAP

    You went down a notch Morghen. I totally thought you were banging high school chicks.

  • frickshun

    I’m pretty sure MMAdam just made up the word “recordist”.

  • Mixed Martial Adam
  • Morghen

    @Cap: I’m considering revealing that I’ve switched to banging high school guys.

    Would that lower me further or raise me back up?

  • CAP

    Oh so you’re a gym teacher lol!

  • Morghen



  • CAP

    You’re gay alright! LOL!

  • frickshun

    Madam–>it also said it was “made up” in 1930….by some low-level production assistant that needed a new hook to bang young starlets. Or I guess…..flapper girls, back then.

  • glassjawsh

    every time i bang a high school chick i just consider it as making up for all the ones i didn’t bang when i was actually in high school. it helps bury the rapey feeling i get down deep