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Hong Man Choi preparing for battle!

Looks like that tumor surgery was a success, as Hong Man Choi is training again in preparation for a possible return at the K-1 World GP event in Seoul September 27. No word yet on if he’s crossing his fingers and hoping no one from the military notices.

  • Jason

    I’ve warmed up to Choi. Anyone who has a chance at beating Schilt is Okay in my book.

  • Steve

    I enjoy watching Choi fight about as much as I enjoy watching Nikolai Valuev fight. I’d rather watch a quick and athletic guy with skills instead of a plodding pituitary freakshow.

  • Reverend Clint

    He’s way to big and useless to be in the Army anyways.

  • Hooked

    Its unfair!!! He has a built in HGH supply. Cro-Magnon fights again!!!!!

  • Lifer

    this man’s head is the same size as my torso.

  • koolpaw

    Jusy for ur information and a little tribia.

    the surgery might be Gamma Knife, its much safer for athletes after the surgery. Opening skulls is not the only way for brain tumor now a days.

  • boinker

    ‘ he as a mongoloid he was a mongolid…………

    great song…