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Horror of horrors, Ken Shamrock is fighting again

This summer in the UK:

UFC Hall of Famer, Ken Shamrock will be returning to MMA on July 27 to take on British MMA star Ian ‘The Machine’ Freeman under the Ultimate Cage Fighting Championship banner at the Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster,England.

Shamrock,a UFC Superfight Champion, made his desire to fight Freeman public when he commentated on BAMMA 12. His wish has been granted after some heavy negotiation. Shamrock has been in fights with some of all time greats including Royce Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba but it looks like even at the grand age of 49, ‘The World’s most Dangerous Man’ is not ready to call it quits. He has not fought since November 2010. His last fight in the UK saw him lose by TKO to Robert ‘Buzz’ Berry in 2008.

This is where I shit on a legend in the sport because someone has to list out the obvious reasons why Ken should not be fighting any more.

  • He’s 3-9 over the past decade with all his losses being ugly flash knockouts.
  • And one of those wins coming over a 390 pound man who died of a heart attack months later.
  • All of the losses were in the 1st round
  • The guy hasn’t had a chin since the turn of the millennium…
  • …and is about the join the half-century club
  • And for God’s sake, he had some sort of heart malfunction during his fight back at PRIDE 10, twelve years ago!

In a way, it is a strange plus that he goes down so fast – it minimizes the amount of injury he tends to take in his fights. Everyone talks about safety the second a transvestite or downs syndrome kid wants to get in the ring but what about the Ken Shamrocks of the world? Okay, to be fair, the MMA media has been doing a good job of trying to shame Ken out of continuing to fight, but the Ultimate Cage Fighting Championship don’t care, it just wants a name they (think) can fill a small football stadium with. And with no commission to stop them, the Ken Shamrock Freak Frate Trane is on the tracks again.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Does Ken Shamrock not have a family, friend, doctor, or any sort of loved one that can put their foot down and end this madness? What a sad, sad man.

  • CAP

    It is sad that a guy with his history in the sport has to go on like this. His meth/roid habit must be insane to have pissed away all the money he has made in MMA and pro wrasslin. He is the “World’s Most Dangerous Man to Himself” at this point.

  • Symbul

    More like he’s threatening to fight. This is not the first time he’s done so. He’ll get hurt, complain about the money, have his opponent fall out, you name it. I’ll be fucking shocked if he fights.

  • agentsmith

    ^ No kidding, notice the line about “heavy negotiation”. I remember hearing somewhere about how he basically pulls a scam by getting the promoter to pay him a fee up front, then the fight inevitably falls through for whatever reason.

  • glassjawsh

    i can see his vericose veins

  • kwagnuth

    He is coming off a win though. He just roughed up some woman in a mall.

  • kvelertak

    Shouldn’t have fucked with Dana’s lawyers.