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Hot in Herre


Michael Schiavello ‘borrows’ Frank Trigg’s handkerchief at last weekend’s MFC event. I like how it takes Frank about 15 seconds to decide if he’s annoyed or not.

(via MiddleEasy)

  • Reverend Clint

    Trigg as a 20 second delay like when a CNN reporter is in Afghanistan

  • Symbul

    Decide? Trigg was PISSED. Looks like he just took that time to talk himself out of clocking Schiavello.

  • Reverend Clint

    thats what trigg gets for wearing a handkerchief. its not like he used triggs scarf or sleeve.

  • ABOMB78

    Hahaha, I missed where he took the handkerchief out of his pocket, when I looked up and “The Voice” was tossing it like a spunk rag at Trigg.

  • dulljake

    I liked how little Schiavello totally looks like he doesn’t give two shits about Frank’s belongings.

  • Komodo

    “Uhh… no, fucker… this belongs to you now.”

  • Strike Witch

    schaivello is still ear poison

  • mamoru

    That’s probably the funniest thing Schiavello will ever do.
    The look on Triggs face is gold.