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Houston Alexander found some competition he can actually beat

Stupid world getting involved with how parents try to raise their kids. There’s a million and one pitfalls awaiting children out there and without some proper parenting how can one guarantee their son won’t end up working Hollywood Boulevard giving shwirlers for five bucks? Recently some parents got in trouble for suiting their daughter up in armor and then beating her with swords for going to a houseparty. They were apparently Renaissance Fair crazies. Now for the MMA equivalent involving Houston Alexander:

Police reports say officers were called to a home near 44th and Maple for a domestic disturbance. The older Alexander told them he was having trouble with his teen son, who was “having explicit sexual contact on Facebook with some unknown females.” The 16-year-old reportedly lied and “made him very upset.”

According to police reports, “Alexander then retrieved boxing gloves and told his son, ‘If you are going to lie to me, then we are going to box.'” The two reportedly boxed in the basement. Officers describe the teen as having a “slight bloody nose and pain to his right side.”

That’s just how stuff used to roll back in the days: dads would beat you up until the day came where you might be able to actually fight back. Usually you were capable of moving out and paying your own damn rent before that ever happened. But in today’s wussy society, a professional fighter can’t even ply his trade on his sons face for the crime of facebook sexytalk. I don’t know exactly when America went wrong, but it certainly ain’t right no more (cue bald eagle shedding tear in front of tattered flag).

  • Reverend Clint

    kid should be glad he used boxing gloves

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    that dude needs to get out of the 50s, kids are not to be touched

  • noiseless

    i like touching kids


    edit: i just heard a van park ou

  • iamphoenix

    Would habe been better if the kid.was on chatroulette.


    “explicit sexual contact on Facebook”  This is a wussy society if Facebook sexting (or whatever) is considedred explicit.  Your 16 year old boy is exchanging nuddie pix with girls… buy him a beer (just one) and discuss the lying, don’t box his ears.  If you’re not careful he just may end up joining the clergy.

  • G Funk

    Noiseless FTW!

  • CAP

    Kids just gotta learn to go for a takedown, he’ll be ok.

    Firm disciprine seemed to work back in the day. This may be a little overboard but kids today could use a good bitch slap.

  • Giallo

    1. WTF.. this is not child abuse

    2. “A slight bloody nose and pain to his right side.”…what about Houston? what was his condition? The kid probably kicked his ass all over their basement

    3. Grow a pair Houston!!