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“How to Punch Good” starring Keith Jardine

When in doubt, throw your hands wildly back and forth – eyes preferably closed – and you too can become a devastating striker like Keith Jardine. Honestly, this could be featured in a How to Punch Good instructional, or perhaps a Judo Chop. I think strikers of all calibers can benefit from it.

Keith may already be inspiring the next generation of fighters – it looks like &feature=player_embedded” target=”_blank”>these masters of standup have already perfected the style he displays here.

  • McBayne

    Pass … I can get .gifs and MMA viral vids elsewhere.

    Bloggers-to-be should try their hand at typing up stuff and not linking shit they found on the UG

  • Rodriguez

    McBayne – he posted this from a pool of things Ryan has collected. Don’t blame iampheonix.

  • fightlinker

    Yep, the hope is that I’ll keep doing the majority of the standard fightlinking while the new writers take care of the overflow stuff and projects I can’t get to.

  • Jim

    Say goodnight! funniest shit ever

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Great .gif, but kind of a slow week though, eh?

  • Reverend Clint

    slow like your mom

  • P W

    I bet as this is happening the commentator is yelling “this is what the fans came to see!”, as they all do when fights turn into embarrassing slugfests. Guess I’m not a fan then.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    My mom’s slow, but she said that you were fast…

  • frickshun

    Adam stole Clint’s soul!!!

  • Reverend Clint

    i had to get the fuck outta there… the mumblings about candy was creeping me out

  • Blackula Jonez

    funny shit pheonix

  • Omomatta

    @Ilikepenis……Isn’t that what they taught in boot camp in Berserker 101?

  • CAP

    Headline could also easily be: “How to take a beating” starring Brandon Vera

  • frickshun

    ^^When does the “beating” come in?

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Keith’s arms took the beating, they must have been sore from swinging at air.

  • iamphoenix

    OMG I HAVE A STAR AND DIDN’T SEE THIS UNTIL NOW. So, lets go back in time and let me insert this tidbit of knowledge thrust into macbyne’s deviated septum, KEYBOARD CAT FTW

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    So did you figure out how money + typing works?  Did Ryan just take pity on your military intelligence, or what?