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How widespread is TRT in the UFC?

The UFC knew about Chael Sonnen’s testosterone replacement therapy, and now it becomes clear that they knew about Nate Marquardt’s too. While NateGate was initially all about Nate and the reason he got unceremoniously fired, it’s now grown beyond that. Now people are wondering how many other professional fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championships are claiming they have low testosterone levels so they can basically inject steroids.

Thus far here’s what we know: Dave Meltzer outed Dan Henderson as having a TRT exception in California and Nevada, and that he “tests at below-normal levels even while receiving the TRT.” Nevada also approved a teensy tiny twenty three year old Todd Duffee for testosterone replacement therapy. Last and least since this is more an unproven allegation than anything else, German UFC commentator Oliver Copp implied that Matt Hughes has used TRT in the past.

As for commissions that have allowed fighters using testosterone replacement therapy, we’ve got Nevada and California already pegged and Nate Marquardt says he was cleared by New Jersey and Texas. The UFC also accepted his TRT situation when they handled commission duties in Germany. Considering you’ve got three of the biggest commissions in North America plus the UFC accepting the use of TRT, I’d say it’s a generally accepted practice. As fucked up as that is.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    There are about 250 fighters in the UFC. Assuming that Dan Henderson was still one of them, that is 3 confirmed TRT cases as well as one probable. That’s just the confirmed cases.

    Doesn’t it seem odd that so many UFC fighters (the alpha males of all MMA athletes) need TRT therapy? I bet you could test 250 office workers you wouldn’t find four cases of individuals needing this treatment.

    Finally, the issue isn’t so much with TRT as it is with blatant TRT abuse. If fighters have low levels, by all means get them to a normal range, not a super human range. With privatized medicine I’m sure it’s very easy to find a plethora of doctors willing to prescribe whatever treatment you tell them you need and sending all of the needed paperwork to commissions.

  • CAP

    I highly doubt the UFC would give out that information but people need to start asking questions. Time for the MMA media to grow a pair and start asking the tough questions.

  • frickshun

    Asking questions. Questions. Estions. Stions. S.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I wonder if Cerrone’s on it?

  • P W

    TRT is just a way of getting roids without having to order them from shady websites or having to go to Mexico to smuggle them in yourself. Common, it’s blatant.

  • lukustra

    this is pretty disappointing news, it just says that roids are indeed rampant in mma. too bad.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    ^^^ of course they’re rampant in MMA! It makes you heal faster, train more, hit harder, move quicker and you’re only tested three times a year. Why wouldn’t everybody be taking steroids? Personally I wouldn’t have a problem with it as long as everyone was taking the same, high quality brands.

  • iamphoenix

    yeah…it’s like a lube job. lube up your testosterone muscles and testosterone glands to clean out the air density in your lungs so you can take punches where you pee and deliver punches where they pee. it’s all about having a birthday cake and inviting everyone to come inside the giant spiderman jumper with your shirts off because it’s funner that way.

  • Letibleu

  • Jarman

    hmmmmm…, I’ve heard the symptoms, but as yet, it seems only the symptoms are being treated. They can’t possibly treat the cause of low testosterone lvls in mma athletes. Nawww., that’d be too much like real medicine. Besides, if they researched enough, maybe they might find something, like, say……the constant fucking wear n grind and high testosterone environ of mma training coupled with regimented, low cholesterol and fat diets compounded with having limited time with family (incidentally, kids and the time spent with them has a huge impact on the hormone in men) might actually be the root cause of the malady. So we pump them with hormones so they can battle it out like animals on pure instinct for our enjoyment. This sets a dangerous precedent. From everything I’ve read, there’s no such thing as a truly safe steroid/externally generated hormone. They all have pretty brutal side effects. What’s the long term impact of fucking with a human’s endocrine system? Chris Benoit anyone?

  • glassjawsh

    ^ who is chris benoit?

  • Letibleu

    Roided wrestler who killed his entire family and then himself.

    They determined roids had nothing to do with the killings but rather dementia from all the concussions he suffered and never properly healed before performing again. The father sent the head to a special research team that found his brain to be in the same condition as a 75 year old with Alzheimer.

    Roid rage was first assumed by the press which is what everyone still remembers. Its urban legend.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Mental capacity is what you have to control your anger – so I don’t think you can separate the two.  And I still have a Kid Pegasus VHS I haven’t thrown out yet.  Sad panda.

  • Jarman

    you know, i recall reading the 75 year old Alzheimer’s thing, but had completely forgotten it was concussions (wtf, his move was a flying headbutt, how could that have slipped?). Must be all the weed, ecstasy, and concussions during my adolescent years.
    And I think Jawsh was being feces-tious. Another one of those quickly protesting, “I never watched wrestling!” with his tongue in cheek.

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