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Hulk Hogan still alive, attends UFC events

Hi everyone, three months ago called up and told me that Hulk Hogan and his butchy daughter Brooke were at the last Ultimate Fight Night. This is just an excuse to post the above picture … there’s nothing really else to say on the matter. Except perhaps “Hulkamania will live forever!” Or more accurately, “Hulkamania will live until Hulk Hogan dies from an enlarged heart or liver damage or whatever steroids do to aging pro wrestling stars nowadays”.

  • johnny

    i’m still convinced that his daughter is really Ed Leslie in disguise

  • anderson

    i don’t care if it was bea arthur i disguise, i’d still hit it.

  • Wu Tang

    Becareful, if you do ‘hit that’ she might do the ‘do you hear me now’ hand motion then leg drop your ass, after you finished your deed.

    what was that song hogan uses for his entrence? American hero, psycho? not sure.

    – J

  • John

    Well to bad pride still isnt around, they would probably try to get hulk to fight


    Yeah, we looked for an excuse to use her pic as well :)

  • intenso

    the “do you hear me now” hand motion?

  • fightlinker

    Classic Hulk Hogan

  • Lamplet beats his wife

    I’d do the piledriver on her and no, not the WWE kind.

  • Matt

    Over on the fight network the was an article stating that Hulks son Nick was in a bad car accident and is in “serious” condition.. Poor guy.

  • fightlinker

    Nah, don’t feel sorry for him … this isn’t the first car he’s destroyed although it’s the first time he’s seriously hurt himself AND someone else. Little bastard … I don’t care if he kills himself and whoever’s dumb enough to go joyriding with him, but there are innocent people on the road.