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Hywel Teague Flikr

Part three of our ‘Fightlinker is a stalker’ series features the Flikr account of Fighters Only magazine’s Hywel Teague. There’s over 125 simply amazing pictures of MMA fighters and about a dozen pics of naughty ladies. Hywel was already on my cool list before, but now I wanna be his best friend.

  • garth

    i smell mancrush.

  • garth

    after viewing photos, i smell my own mancrush too

  • kentyman

    “I swear if you mention how bad I lost I’m gonna mention how bad I lost”:

    God I’m dronk.

  • kentyman

    Did that sound like I drank too mcuh tonight? good.

  • Hywel Teague

    I have to balance out all the homoerotic MMA stuff by taking pics of ladies in states of undress.

    Taking pictures of flowers like Mac Danzig just wouldn’t do it for me, plus I get hayfever

  • garth

    i sneeze incessantly during all MMA events. I’m very unpleasant to be around, even with the special shampoo