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I am in love with Ronda Rousey

Here’s a video featuring judo ass kicking machine Ronda Rousey as she shows everyone how to do her ‘Chun Li Hair Buns’ thing. Cornrows on women are an affront to God … I think there’s something in Deuteronomy about them being a stonable offense. So I’m all for this becoming the new thing in women’s MMA. But enough about hair. This video is really just an excuse for me to further develop my creepy obsession with Ronda. Check out that smile:

And after the jump, check out half a dozen more gifs of Ronda smiling. Yes, you read right. Half a dozen. Just smiling. I know what you’re thinking, jackals. That’s mighty pervy behavior and possibly a violation of my parole restrictions. At least a violation of the spirit of those restrictions! But I want to assure everyone that I am harmless. I just wanna make sure one of them beats Gina Carano for hottest smile gif in MMA. Until I finally make some with Josh Neer, anyways.







  • CAP

    Yeah that’s not creepy at all…

  • Jarman

    yeah, she’s cute, but the same face smilin cutely on repeat is creepy. but not as creepy as the dude who made em. this post has officially made my skin crawl.

  • agentsmith

    She has the whitest teeth Ryan’s ever wanted to come across.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    If she ever goes missing anywhere near the east coast I’m sure that the police will be coming after you first…

  • Blackula Jonez

    Cornrows on women are bad now? Since when?

  • frickshun


  • Blackula Jonez

    Real talk Ryan, if you are worried about any post of yours being used against you in a court of law, this easily makes the top 5.


    In a weird way it would be less creepy if it featured bikini pics, just focusing on her face is uber stalker esque.


    Deleting this post or putting it in the forums would not be a bad idea.

  • CAP

    It’s not that FL has gone too far. Just self incriminating. Creep.

  • Symbul

    I approve of this post. Less skanks, more of this.

  • scissors61

    Oooh, Ronda just posted this on her facebook fan page. Ryan’s heart must be all a-twitter. Also agree with Symbul, Ronda is the hawtness.

  • Mal666

    Yeah she`s not bad but her voice makes the hair on my back stand up , and i don`t even have hair on my back …lol

  • greenseed

  • P W

    ^^ Her voice makes a particular part of my body stand up too, but I’m not talking about the hair on my back.

    (Hint: It’s my cock.)

    But seriously, this post was creepy as hell. Imagine being invited to Ryan’s place where he shows you his altar of worship he’s built in your honor. Framed pictures on a velvet table cloth surrouned by candles and incense, and when you slowly start walking backwards towards the door he goes “What’s the matter? Aren’t you happy to see it?”. Nightmare material right there.

  • scissors61



  • CAP

    Not quite the Buns Tutorial I was looking for.

  • scissors61
  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Damn Scissors, second day in a row one of you fucks almost made me blow coffee out my nose.

  • agentsmith
  • fightlinker

    I couldn’t kidnap her if i wanted to. DId you see the size of her arms in that vid? It’d end up going worse than the opening scene in Jurassic Park. “SHOOT HER! SHOOOOOOOT HER!!!”

  • epic

    dammit agent, i wanted to post that video. props.

  • iamphoenix

    gif adds ten pounds.

  • Redping

    yeah it’s going to be pretty difficult to rape her

  • CAP

    She’ll be doin the raping.

  • G Funk

    Thank you skizz & Agent, thank you kindly.

  • frickshun

    Greenseed–>that pic is unflattering. Please remove.

  • Reverend Clint

    she better stay away from canadaland and that other shit hole you travel to

  • G Funk

    I can’t stop listening to “Goodbye horses” & “Lotion”.

  • Letibleu

    Nothing a taser wont fix.

  • iamphoenix

    Does this smell like chloroform to you?

  • agentsmith
  • Duananang

    wooooooow!!.. un altro gioco scemo sul wii!! ne serviva prpiroo un altro vista l’estrema carenza.. magari saranno addirittura capaci di farci una edizione speciale con tanto di blob di pezza ( o qualunque cosa sia quella cosa che il ragazzino si porta dietro..)ma poi, perche fermarsi al pupazzetto? quando si pu benissimo inserirci anche un bel dvd con il make-up del gioco!!, 3 ore di video sulle tragiche esperienze adolescenziali degli sviluppatori, e su come abbiano fatto ad incontrarsi e a partorire un’idea cosi malsana!..dai dai, che se va tutto come non deve andare a natale ci fanno il film.

  • xvpikevm

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