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I hate the mainstream

You know, I was a happier person back when ‘The Mainstream’ left MMA the fuck alone. At least then I didn’t have to hear the opinion of every shmuck sports columnist who had a bit of space to fill at the bottom of their spelling bee writeup. But what’s worse than these retards are the idiots who are trying to cash in on the MMA demographic; people so out of touch they honestly don’t have a clue who we are or why we watch the UFC. There’s no better example of this than the big Hostel tie in at UFC71.

For those not in the know, Hostel is one of those new breed horror flicks in the vein of Saw that goes for really in-your-face violence. However, the Hostel series is different because it really concentrates on the sadistic psychological and physical torture / murder of women. I’ve included a ‘leaked’ clip from Hostel 2 to show you what I’m talking about. I put quotes around ‘leaked’ because this was most likely released by the studios to create buzz and attract the kind of market they’re looking for.

And what kind of market do they think would go for this sadistic ultra-violence? Oh, mixed martial arts fans! They get off to people beating eachother up, so of course they’ll jump at the chance to watch a naked woman get butchered like cattle.

Look, I’m just as much into violence as the next guy. I love John Woo flicks and watch Ricky-Oh on a daily basis. I’ll beat hookers with baseball bats in GTA for hours, but there’s a big difference between the kind of violence in these forms of media and the shit in Hostel. Don’t even get me started on the difference between mixed martial arts and Hostel. I don’t have to, because this isn’t a mainstream blog and you’re already a fan of MMA. You understand. And I’m sure you understand what is so discusting about someone thinking Hostel is our kinda shit. It’s just another example of how dumb the mainstream is and how they view us MMA fans. Fuck you, Hostel. And fuck you, mainstream.

  • Mattio

    I think right now, the UFC is hurting for mainstream sponsorship. They have Burger King and that is about it. They advertise Mickey’s Malt Liquor and that doesn’t scream high class. Maybe they want to advertise future Lionsgate movies and I don’t think turning down Hostel 2 for any reason would be a good way of making that possible.

    And I will just take a cheap shot and say if you really were that offended, you wouldn’t have that clip on your website. I had heard they leaked Hostel 2 on the internet, but didn’t actually see theclips. I bet I won’t be the only one who will have his first sneak peak at Hostel 2 from this website.

    I like brutal martial arts movies, stupid action movies and even violent horor movies in addition to being an MMA fan. (I have yet to check out these new torture horror movies like the first Hostel and the Saw movies). When I watch an MMA fight, I want to see a knock out or a sub. I don’t want the losing opponent to be hurt badly. I think the less blood in an MMA fight the better. I am very happy to hear that MMA has had zero fatalities in either the amateur or pro ranks (except for that guy who died in the Ukraine who shouldn’t have been sanctioned to fight in the first place) and hope that never changes.

  • Ryan

    And on another note, Ricky Oh is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

    I saw the clip of him smashing that other dude’s fist a long time ago, but I never knew what it was. Now I know, thank you sir.

  • Ryan

    Also, Mattio, I don’t think he was offended by the content itself…
    he was offended that there is any connection between that content and MMA (at least, in the minds of marketing assholes).

  • fightlinker

    Yeah I wouldn’t say the content ‘offends’ me in some abstract way. Honestly, I forced myself to watch the entire clip (trust me, it only gets worse and worse) and i just found it sadistic and vile. However, I’m not about to hide it when the point of the article is to show that this is what many people think MMA fans like.

  • Rob

    Right. Fucking. On.

    Well said.