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I think I see the problem…

Here’s a picture from a past UFC where you can see what an awesome job Cecil Peoples is doing judging a fight. Unfortunately Cecil was watching the fight back in section 202 instead of the one in the Octagon. Did history repeat itself?

**Update** Turns out Cecil wasn’t a judge at UFC66, which is where this image comes from.   Damn you reality for ruining my fun!

  • kentyman

    “What is this in my hair. A gummy bear? Who threw that?!”

  • fightlinker


  • garth

    “Hey, I don’t tell you how to do your job!”

  • Matt

    Token judge in my opinion

  • Kenny the Swede

    Is that Griffin VS Jardine?

  • Luke

    Was Cecil Peoples a judge for this fight?

  • Rob

    Cecil Peoples wasn’t even a judge at the event, who’s too say he even attended the show.

  • Dukes

    That dude doesn’t even LOOK like Cecil Peoples!