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I was wrong about Mac

Past being totally more awesome, the other big difference between me and most of the other sites out there is that I admit when I was wrong. And boy, was I wrong about Mac Danzig. Way back when the show was just starting up I predicted that Mac would get stuffed by a natural welterweight since Mac was really a lightweight.

Of course, you know how things really went: Mac cut through TUF6 like a hot knife through whatever gay substitute vegans use for butter. So here’s me saying “Oops, I was wrong, I should never have doubted you Mac.” In my defense, the only fight I’d actually seen of his up until the show was when he got absolutely drubbed by Mach Sakurai.

**CORRECTION** The mistakes don’t end. He cut through TUF6, not TUF7. Although it would be funny if TUF7 was just all the contestants climbing a gigantic pyramid with Mac at the top beating them up a la the end of Jet Li’s The One. That was a fucking awesome movie, pretty much the only good non-Hong Kong movie he’s ever made.

  • michael

    “Mac cut through TUF7″
    You meant TUF6, i believe. Please delete my post then.

  • Andrej

    The One? Have you ever seen Kiss of the Dragon? Know that is what you call a movie. Tcheky Karyo play’s an awesome villain.

  • fightlinker

    That one with Fonda in it? Terrible. Fucking camera angle change every .5 seconds … let us watch the fuckers fight, stop being so ADHD. The action scenes were just a total mess

  • JoeRoganIsAnAss

    He stepped up a level in taking that Sakurai fight. He even admitts that it may not have been the best decision. But my favorite part of the whole show had to be the Tommy Speers’ first fight; blood running down his face, a gased opponent, and Mac screaming from the corner “Now you tell me who’s got heart!” between rounds. Classic TUF moment.
    As for a prediction, Mac can frustrate Tommy by avoiding that right hand and stuffing desperate takedown attempts. Longer the fight goes the more it will favor Mac. Should be entertaining.

  • fightlinker

    Apparently PRIDE did the standard ‘Fight’s at this weight … oh nevermind fight is now at this weight’ switchup for Mach because Mach came in weighing like 175. Couldn’t find the source on that so left it out of the actual post

  • Thomas

    “Although it would be funny if TUF7 was just all the contestants climbing a gigantic pyramid with Mac at the top beating them up a la the end of Jet Li’s The One.”

    The best Jet Li’ line also comes during that scene..

    “I am Yulaw! I’m nobody’s bitch. You are mine.”

  • fightlinker

    haha i had forgotten that line. Classic.

    Seriously, that move is like 10 minutes of setup and 80 minutes of start to finish action. One of the best action movies ever, after Face/Off

  • MacDaddy

    Of course it doesn’t hurt that the rest of the guys on the show REALLY FUCKING SUCK!!

    Seriously can you imagine putting Tommy Speer in the ring with someone even 2nd-tier like Spencer Fisher or Thiago Alves? They’d have to bring a whole box of glad freezer bags to pick up the chunks of him.

  • marshal

    “Kiss of the Dragon” was a more entertaining movie. I remember sleeping through most of “The One”, great ending scene though.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)

    A natural lightweight eh?

    So does that make him Little Mac?

    If so, when does he fight Bald Bull?

  • Leland Roling

    Mac spreads the Hummus on everything. I’ve never tasted it, what the hell is that shit?

  • kermit_01

    ” Hummus is a dip or spread made of mashed chickpeas, sesame tahini, lemon juice, and garlic.”


  • Erin

    Hummus actually isn’t bad, just kinda think and bland. I’m sure it comes in a variety of weirdo vegan flavors.

  • dignan

    Hummus is typically mushed garbonzo beans with flavors like: garlic, spinach, pesto, tomato etc…it’s really good.

    I think Mac is going to get destroyed by that red headed goof. If George couldn’t handle that combination of farmer and retard strength…and that other dude couldn’t finish him in a full out armbar, I don’t see any of Mac’s feeble punches doing anything but annoying Big Red.

    Mac doesn’t see it coming, I am sure of that…but he is in for a beating.

    I wonder who Red Beard is training with in preparation for the fight. Anyone know?

  • dulljake

    First off, Hummus is delicious. I make a killer one. Second, Big Mac’s going to destroy all challenger…oh far, he has. It’s the trend. Finally, because he’s a vegan, we must continue to call him Big Mac or Mac Attack for the comedic benefits.

  • Mobb Deep

    Big Red should tape a live fly to his forehead, that way Big Mac won’t hit him.

  • fightlinker

    Tommy’s training with Hughes

  • Michaelthebox

    Hold on now, Unleashed was a damn good movie.

  • fightlinker

    if you’re a flaming vagina

  • Mobb Deep

    Who wins in a real fight, Jet Li or Jackie Chan? I say Chan, does his own stunts. War Rumbe in the Bronx, you Jet Le lovin pussies.

  • kermit_01

    “Tommy’s training with Hughes” Theres a giant “DUHHHH” Who didn’t see that coming? I’m sure Hughs sees him as the Jesus to his God.

    I say mack will stay busy and be able to avoid allot of damage. It will likely end with Cut Damage to Big Red or or it’ll go the distance and go to Big Mac.

  • Michaelthebox

    Ah, a boy’s man. Gotcha.

    You gonna post about McCarthy’s retirement not having anything to do with the way the UFC does its business?

  • JiuJitsu365

    What! You mean to tell me that you didn’t like “Romeo Must Die?” Now that was a believable movie and instant classic.

    On the serious side of things. I first became acquainted with Danzig through King of the Cage. He was as cocky then as he is now. But I also knew that he should make it to the finals with no problem.

    That other guy George….not so much….

  • dignan

    I was hoping Tommy would be training with someone else…not because I don’t respect Hughes talent as a fighter, he just blows goats as a coach.

    When there is natural, raw, ability and talent like Tommy…ANYBODY could be a good coach with him. I was hoping he may have been taken in my Xtreme Couture.

    I still want him to win, but having Hughes in his corner makes me sick…he is the white, redneck version of Mayweather.

    I hope we all could agree that Mac and George are somewhat comparable…and would have been a decent fight. I personally think that Tommy would have destroyed George eventually without the thumb in the eye…eventhough it certainly bothered George.

    Well…I think fightlinker is going to be vindicated when Tommy bulls through Mac…it just shows you how weak the rest of the talent was(especially the shitty fighters Mac had to face.)

    Dana should’ve made Hightower put his money where his mouth is, and not accept that false bravado the other guy put out there. I am unsure if he was stunned or hurt…it looked to me if he just turtled and was scared.

  • Ryan

    I’m not one to say told you so, Fightlinker…

  • defranger

    you guys are forgeting why tommy is so good naturally

    GINGERS have no soul!!!!!

    so he is going to rule this one