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I wonder how Aleksander Emelianenko vs Bob Sapp went?

Alexander Emelianenko is now sporting a bushy Kimbo beard, which seems appropriate because nowadays he fights no one but cans. This past weekend he took his can crushing sideshow out of the Balkans and back to Moscow to face Bob Sapp, King of the Cans and pound for pound #1 fetal fighter. Can you guess who wins? Of course you can. Does Bob Sapp stop, drop, and curl the first chance he gest? Of course he does. That’s the problem with these kinds of freakshow matches – most of the freaks aren’t ready to really go mano a mano Takayama / Frye style. They’re just there to last long enough to collect their paycheck.

  • thingvolds

    “that’s the problem with these freakshow matches”

    what problem? you said yourself that they just want to collect a paycheck. the people come out to see these fights over and over, so they must be happy with them. the other fighters on the show get a bump too, because these fights bring exposure to the whole card. the promoter obviously makes out also.

  • KravMagoo

    If I had the $$$ I’d make my pro debut against Bob Sapp.

  • Morghen

    Holy shit. “Sapp” translated into Cyrillic is “Сапп.” Fucking perfect.