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I wonder if they’ll sponsor me too?

Oh this is just too easy. In an interview with UFCMania, Alessio Sakara was mentioning he’s sponsored by Gold Ribbon Valley. Who?

Indelible Foods LLC through its brand name Gold Ribbon Valley_ is a food development and marketing company that specializes in delivering all natural healthy fast foods. The Company’s products includes it’s award-wining hot dogs, hamburgers, pastrami, and other bison deli meats, all made with 90% bison meat.

Okay, bison meat to begin with kinda sketches me out … I thought we wiped those things off the plains 200 years ago. And why only 90% bison meat? Where the fuck is that other 10%? One thing about all this that impressed me is the fact that Alessio’s management group put out a press release regarding this sponsorship:

UFC Fighter, Alessio Sakara, understands that no matter how prepared you are for battle, it all comes down to physical conditioning. That is why, in preparation for his fight against newcomer Houston Alexander at UFC 75, Sakara is going to incorporate American Bison into his training.

Sources close to Sakara suggest that Sakara has signed a sponsorship deal with Gold Ribbon Valley (, a food manufacturing company, specializing in Bison “Buffalo” products.

Because of the incredible health attributes of Bison, his fight management team and trainers feel that a proper Bison Diet, “as opposed to beef”, will give Sakara an additional edge in his overall stamina and conditioning for future fights. Sakara is extremely excited about this opportunity, and feels his “relationship with Gold Ribbon Valley is another perfect piece to his fight team puzzle.”

So while the whole thing makes me go ‘Huh?’, I do have to say thumbs up to Sakara’s management, who are thinking outside the box when it comes to eating meat.

  • intenso

    A bison might be leaner than a cow but there is no way bison is the healthiest thing you can eat when preparing for a fight.

    besides when it comes to eating…. Luke Cummo > all

  • DJ Hapa

    So you think you have something that is healthier? I would say it is a healthy food. I eat bison and have for a while. I also post on this site. But I still think the bison is good for you, unlike this site.

  • DJ Hapa

    Oh, and the other 10%? It comes from the shriveled, dead carcass of Ken Shamrock.

  • Jesse Holland

    LOL…Shamrock carcass…nice

  • Johnny Nguyen

    stop fucking ragging on ol Kenny Slamcock, he’s better for you than you think…

  • Matt

    Next a fighter will come out as “The Poacher” and his diet will consist of all endangered animals. He’ll be the next badboy of MMA. Either that or the UFC will sign that guy that lives with wolves.

  • Johnny Nguyen

    back in vietnam we eat what we catch…

  • anderson

    my dad caught the clap in vietnam……just saying.

  • nem0

    In defense of the mighty bison, it is some pretty tasty meat.

  • Matto

    Mmmm… bison.