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Ian McCall is kinda a terrible person

Check out the tweet below from featherweight fighter Ian McCall. This lil communication led the my revelation that Uncle Creepy was part of the ‘Lords of South County’, a group of teenagers that ran around beating the crap out of random people for shits and giggles. And while McCall has generally apologized for showing no compassion towards homeless drug addicts (even though he claims he once was one himself), it doesn’t make up for a lot of the terrible things he did in his past – things he goes through in detail on Joe Rogan’s podcast. You can check that out above, although be warned: you’re gonna find it very difficult to be McCall’s fan after watching it.


  • Voice of Reason

    tl;dl (too long, didn’t listen)

    but if he really is a scumbag then I don’t feel bad for him anymore re: his wife fucking Rob Emerson. (With friends like these…)

  • Jjdnb

    Hmmm. He always seemed like a descent enough guy. But if he Rob Emerson’s friend…

  • Jjdnb

    He’s gotta be a total tool

  • iamphoenix

    I’m not about to watch 3 hours of podcasts…that’s fucking insane. Just transcribe it! it’s simple.

  • Lime

    I heard this when it first aired. I was a fan till this podcast. He just comes off like a OC douchetwat

  • rhymezbullet

    lmao like a white boy konckout kings

  • Jacob Foreskin

    of course the little Stalin youth child Ryan defends beggars, he is the online version of a homeless man.

  • rhymezbullet


    funniest comment

  • frickshun